Hacking is a term that is broad. If you define, hacking is a procedure by which someone could seek and exploit any weakness. Mainstream hacking was thought of as a pastime activity a lot of years back. Here is the list of top 10 Female Hackers.

Kristina Svechinskaya


Kristina is one of the common names of the world. She has been a New York University student. She stole millions of dollars from bank accounts that belonged to others, due to her skill in Zeus Trojan Horse technique.

She created bogus accounts. With nine people, up to $ 3 million was stolen by her. For her activities, she got arrested and charged in November 2010. She could have been punished for 40 years of imprisonment.

Anna Chapman

She resided in the USA. She was arrested in 2010. She acted with no notification to US lawyer journal as an agent to Federal Government. She pleaded guilty and lost her US citizenship. Then deported back to Russia. Additionally, she was also accused of being a KGB spy in the USA.


Her name is Kim Vanvaeck, and she was raised in Belgium. She is considered to be behind in many of dangerous viruses like Coconut-A, Sharp-A, Sahay-A, etc.. These viruses were written to extract data and then destroy that info that was sensitive.

She was detained in Brussels but released. She has an allegation of stealing and destroying private data, and is now in prison for three years.

Natasha Grigori

Natasha Grigori was among the pioneers of the female hackers. She started her career but rose her stand against pornography. For this purpose, she discovered antichildporn.org.

Adeanna Cooke

Well, she is the most beautiful female hacker in this planet. She was a model posing for Playboy magazine, before being a hacker! One of her mates stole her pics and posted to earn few dollars. She did nothing except to hack on that site, force them to remove her pics when she came to learn about it.

Raven Alder

She specializes in creating hack-detecting systems for large security agencies. Apart from that, she has learned Martial Arts.

Joanna Rutkowska

She’s famous for displaying the vulnerabilities in Windows Vista. She works with big security companies and delivers lectures.

Jude Milhon

She began her career and led to the development of the internet. She formed a hacking group called Cypherpunks. She argued during her lifespan with people who thought that hacking is only a criminal act.

She contributed many books concerning hacking and computer programming. She passed away in 2003. Among her greatest sayings is “Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your personality, or the laws of physics.”

Ying Cracker

If I tell you that this girl is an instructor who teaches her students the fundamentals of hacking, you folks will not believe me. But that’s true. She resides in Shanghai, China and teaches her pupils skills like changing someone’s IP address, manipulating their passwords, etc.

If you talk about her hacking, she even has released publications. She got her last name “Cracker,” since she usually cracks any applications for around 5000 RMB. She offers tutorials and courses for high-end hacking. That’s her source of income.

Xiao Tian

The activities of Group are against the giant search engine, Google. This was the reason behind the cyber attacks so that Google China pulled its providers from China, then.

Xiao Tian looks more of a model than a hacker. Due to her sophisticated and stylish look, she has an interest in fashion.

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