The market of cryptocurrency has been changing for a very long time. This has created some great opportunities for the industry now. The entire generation has been able to witness the changes which have arisen in the cryptocurrency market over the past few years. The interesting experiment in terms of cryptocurrency gradually changed from a simple endeavor to a major form of currency exchange. The portfolio of Bitcoin started to get equal leverage like gold or rather, digital gold. Technology has been able to change from one industry to another. So to get started with trading, click here.

The cost of BTC and Ether has reached new high values in 2021 and it is expected that the values will continue to rise in the future as well. It is the very first instance of mainstream success. It has been a very rocky road with loads of barriers but the general market has always favored Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The market enthusiasts have stated that the potential growth of the major currencies can be observed when the investment has been done correctly. To help the investors, we have made a shortlist of the top currencies and how their values might change in the upcoming times.


  • Bitcoin has already been adopted by the larger businesses.
  • It is also very clear that this demand will be increasing with time.
  • The market analysts have often stated that the values of Bitcoins may increase up to US$100,000.
  • This has been predicted by 2023 but many of the analysts have stated that the values can hit this mark by 2022.
  • The specific date cannot be predicted for this rise in the values of Bitcoins but it is obvious that the prices will rise.


  • The momentum of Ethereum had been increasing ever since 2021 and the phenomenon had started quite early in 2021.
  • The major reason for such popularity is Ethereumโ€™s upgrade.
  • The experts have stated that the second upgrade in 2022 will help to increase the popularity and prices of Ethereum once again.
  • The main factors that have been seen in terms of the price surge of Ether have been mentioned in this sector.
  • The forecast specialists have special hopes for Ether in the upcoming times.


  • The traders of this crypto need to be alert of the overall increment in value throughout this year.
  • Dogecoins have to be monitored very carefully to ensure that the long-term profits are relatively sustainable.
  • The value of each Dogecoin has reached the value of  $0.27in 2021. It is expected that the prices will continue to increase and it will be more in 2022.


  • Solana coin price had started to increase when the cryptocurrencies started to just get into the market.
  • The growth has been relatively slow for this cryptocurrency.
  • The SOL prices might not be as fast-rising or volatile as the other cryptocurrencies which have already been mentioned above.


  • Cardano can be considered as one of the most important threats which can act against Ether in the given market.
  • The value of the token has risen from the meager ones to about 600%.
  • The first half of last year has seen the price rising in terms of Cardano.


  • AVAX has shown that the average 130 USD mark can be reached quite quickly.
  • The price value might dive with sudden changes in the market.
  • It can turn out to be a major contender in the crypto market in 2022.


The market analysts have stated quite repeatedly that people are losing their faith in Cryptocurrencies because they have greatly volatile values. It is assumed that the Stablecoins will be receiving much acceptance in this cryptocurrency market at this moment. Even after this, they have mentioned that the prices of Cryptocurrency cannot be determined simply by guessing. Several factors contribute to the increment of prices in the market. When you are investing in the world of crypto, you have to make sure that you have something to fall back on. You cannot pin all of your hopes on the single set of currency and hope that it will bring you through. Seriously consider your market research and constantly work as an experienced trader.

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