Most Americans are very familiar with tupelo honey, just like New Zealanders are familiar with manuka honey, or Australians are familiar with eucalyptus honey. People with diabetes all around the world know this as the honey variety with low glucose content that can be used as a sugar alternative.

The reason why many people look for tupelo honey for sale is not only for its various health benefits. It is also for its fantastic amber color, incredible aroma and taste, low glycemic index, and its ability to remain in liquid form for many years.

Getting to Know Tupelo Honey More

 This type of honey is high-grade and produced in areas where water-lover tree thrives. Though it is named tupelo honey, it comes from Nyssa Ogeechee, just one of the many tupelo tree species. Nyssa Ogeechee is abundant in the northwestern region of Florida and the southern part of Georgia.

It is also known for its other names like wild lime, sour gum, Ogeechee lime tree, river lime, white tupelo, and Ogeechee tupelo. Its genus is Nyssa, after a Greek nymph. It is native only to North America, but it is ample in the southeastern part of the United States, specifically in the Gulf Coast.

Tupelo Honey Producer

Most of the producers of tupelo honey for sale can be found in Apalachicola River near Florida Panhandle. You can find tupelo honey wherever tupelo trees are abundant. You can find the best, most expensive, and purest product for sale in the southeastern valleys of the United States. Aside from this, tupelo can also be produced in the Choctawhatchee and Ochlocknee Rivers in Georgia.

In these areas, whenever tupelo blooms, the beekeepers position their beehives near floats, platforms, or river swamps. This is to keep the sides of the swamp free from flood. During an abundant harvest year, tupelo honey is produced by specialized beekeepers of Florida.

Tupelo honeyโ€™s color is usually golden amber or very light, with some greenish cast. In terms of taste, it has a hoppy, pear-like, and fruity aroma. Its flavor is mild, floral, buttery, and delicate, just like rosewater and cotton candy. Its aroma is close to light floral and cinnamon. It crystallizes very slowly and can remain in liquid form for many years because of its low sucrose and high fructose content. It has more moderate fructose content compared to calluna, thyme, chestnut, and acacia.

Why is this expensive?

There are various reasons why tupelo honey is very expensive, and these are the following: 

โ— It is pure and rare because it is harvested near the Apalachicola River. 

โ— Tupelo honey has a short two to three-week harvest season, sometimes less because of adverse weather conditions. 

โ— It is harvested in stressful and labor-intensive conditions. It also needs special equipment and precise harvest timing. The beekeepers need to manage their bees continuously, specifically from remote and hot boat areas. 

โ— Before harvest, the hives need to be stripped of other honey. After they blossom, the honey should be collected immediately. 


Tupelo honey is famous and appreciated for its olfactory wonders. It tastes, smells, and looks fantastic. Aside from these, its health benefits are equally amazing. However, if you buy tupelo honey, you have to make sure that you buy from reliable sellers.

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