Working with leather is an art, and many people are passionate about it. Fashion markets are laden with so many different leather products that there is always a demand for it. Did you know that there are leather products, even for your gadgets?

If you are just starting with leather, then you don’t have to splurge on every tool out there. There are specific essential tools which are more than enough, to begin with. You can find such tools for leather work at Leffler, which will be a great place to start.

Here are the necessary tools that you will need:

Different Types & Colors of Leather

Of course, the most obvious one is that you should have the right leather you are planning to work with. If you are a beginner, you can start with small accessories like purses and wallets.

Full-grain leather usually works well for starters. You can find high-quality raw materials for leather work at Leffler.

Various Cutting Tools

Once you have the leather, you will need tools to cut it. The basic utility knives work well with leather. If you don’t fail to replace the blades regularly, they can be sharp enough to cut through even the thickest leathers. They are also not that expensive and you can use them for other purposes as well.

If you make leather products requiring small and exact cuts, you can go for precision knives. Rotary cutters will also be a good investment, as you can push the blade instead of pulling, it will make it easier for you to work on thick leathers.

Cutting Mats

When working with leather, having a good base to work on is essential. Self-healing mats will make a good surface for cutting, as they can withstand the force of most of the cutting tools. They will also help avoiding damage to the surface because of knife slips.

As they come covered in rulers and have straight edges, you can easily line up the tools to your leather. Other surfaces can dull your cutting tools quickly, but cutting mats keep them sharp for a longer time.

Needles & Thread

If you are hand-stitching your leather, you will need strong needles and threads that can go through thick leather. Cutting tripoint needles can be used to stitch leathers without guide holes.

You can choose nylon or bonded threads as they can glide through the leather without much resistance. You can also go for waxy sinew threads.

Scratch Awls

Scratch awls are an essential tool if you are working with leather. They come in different shapes and sizes, the awlโ€™s shaft starts at a sharp and thin point and widens as it nears the handle.

This tool can be used to punch holes and draw scratch lines on the leather either for tooling guidance or stitching. If you are hand stitching the leather, you can use it to get the thread and needle through the stitch holes which are too tight.

If you are just starting with leather works, then these are some of the best tools you can get without much investment. Finding high-quality tools is essential, and you can find these tools for leather work at Leffler. As you gain experience, you can add on more tools to your kit.

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