Having a good metabolism has a lot of benefits for your well being, hence it is important for you to keep your metabolism high.

Your body has ongoing chemical reactions that keep it alive and functioning. Metabolism is the term used to describe all these chemical reactions. This term can also be used in collaboration with the number of calories you burn and your metabolic rate. To lose weight and keep yourself from gaining it back, you need to burn more calories.

And the easy way to do this is by keeping your metabolism high. If you have a high metabolism you will also have more energy and as a result, feel better. Read on below to discover a few easy ways to increase your metabolism.

Include Sufficient Protein in Every Meal

Your metabolism can be boosted for a few hours by eating sufficient food. This process is known as the TEF or the Thermic Effect of Food. this is the result of extra calories that are required to process, digest, and absorb the nutrients present in your meal.

Your TEF can be boosted the most by protein intakes. Protein can increase your metabolic rate by 15-30%, which is higher than carbs or fats. Taking adequate protein can help you to feel full and hence prevents you from overeating.

Eating protein-rich foods is also known to reduce the effects of slow metabolism due to fat loss. Dieting can cause muscle loss and sufficient protein intake can help prevent that. You can also try cbd oil, as certain researches show that it helps to maintain your metabolism effectively.

Drink Cold Water

The trick to losing weight and keeping it off is to replace sugary drinks as much as possible with water. Calories are responsible for increasing your weight and sugary drinks are loaded with sugar. That is why you can reduce your calory intake when you replace sugary drinks with water. Your metabolism can accelerate temporarily by drinking water. Some studies state that metabolism can be increased by 10-30% for about an hour by drinking 0.5 liters of water.

Your body uses energy to warm up the cold water you drink and bring it up to your body temperature and helps to burn calories even more. Water also helps you to eat less as it fills you up. So drinking water half an hour before your meal helps to prevent overeating. Studies have shown that you can lose up to 44% more weight if you drink half a liter of water before your meal.

Try Doing High-Intensity Workouts

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is one that involves very intense and quick bursts of activity. This way you can burn more fat even after your workout is over by increasing the rate of your metabolism.

You can burn fat more effectively with HIIT as it is known to have a greater effect than any other form of exercise. You can shed up to 2kg of fat mass and 17% of belly fat by 12 weeks of high-intensity exercise. So try to get more exercise even from home if necessary.

Practice Lifting Heavy Things

You can increase your metabolism by working towards building muscle, as muscle is more active metabolically than fat. By weight lifting, you can also combat low metabolism caused by weight loss. It will also help you to retain your muscle.

A study was conducted on 48 overweight women who were put on a diet where they consumed 800 calories per day without any other exercise, resistance training, or aerobic exercise. After the diet was over, the women who participated in resistance training were able to maintain their metabolism, strength, and muscle mass. While the others experienced a decrease in metabolism along with losing muscle mass. So it is a good idea to do the heavy lifting in a safe way to build muscle.

Include Oolong Tea and Green Tea In Your List of Drinks

An easy way of increasing metabolism is to drink Oolong Tea and Green Tea as it is known to increase your metabolism by 4-5%. Drinking these teas helps to convert bodies stored fat into free fatty acids. This helps an increase in the body fat burning process by 10 to 17%.

Both weight loss and maintenance can be easily managed by drinking these teas due to low-calorie content. A decrease in metabolism causes a weight loss plateau, but it is thought that it can be avoided by the metabolism-boosting properties of these teas.

Add Spicy Foods To Your Diet

Capsaicin is a substance that can boost your metabolism. Peppers contain this substance so including this in your diet will help to boost your metabolism.  For it to have any desired effect you are however required to consume this at a significantly high quantity. It will be helpful to find out beforehand if you can tolerate consuming pepper in large amounts. 

Adding peppers to your diet can help burn around 10 additional calories per meal. So itโ€™s a pretty slow process if you want to lose weight based on this alone. Other than this, adding more spices to your diet can have few effects. If you do combine spices with other metabolism-boosting strategies then it might give you better results.

A Good Nightโ€™s Sleep Is A Must

Sleep deprivation has significant negative effects on metabolism. The risks of obesity may be hugely increased due to a lack of proper sleep. Not getting enough sleep is also linked to developing insulin resistance and a rise in blood sugar levels. This is a major cause of type 2 Diabetes.

Not getting sufficient sleep is known to decrease the hormone leptin responsible for feeling full, and give a boost to the hormone ghrelin which increases your hunger. This could result in gaining weight due to feeling hungry and overeating. So you need to ensure that you get proper good nightโ€™s sleep every day.

Drink Coffee

Studies have revealed that caffeine in coffee promotes fat burning and can boost metabolism from 3-11%. This however is known to affect more lean people. The positive effects of coffee on fat burning and metabolism may contribute to the maintenance and successful weight loss.

Use Coconut Oil Instead of Cooking Fats

Medium-chain fats are relatively high in coconut oil, unlike other saturated fats. Your metabolism can be increased more with medium-chain fats rather than long-chain fats like the one present in butter. A study revealed that metabolism was increased 12% by medium-chain fats whereas long-chain fats increased only 4%.

If you want some modest benefits to your weight loss then you can replace some of the cooking fats you use with coconut oil due to its unique fatty acid profile.

Final Thoughts

You can easily increase your metabolism by making a few small lifestyle changes and by getting these tips incorporated into your daily routine. You can get more energy throughout the day by having a higher metabolism and also lose weight more effectively. So go for it and boost your metabolism to get a better, healthier life.

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