Do you want to know what operating system is running on Huawei phones? Hauwei phones still run on the Android Operating System. Although Huawei has claimed that it will release a proprietary OS for its smartphones, they continue to utilize Android. They have yet to release their OS system in response to consumer demand, but they are working hard to surpass Android.

In this context, before purchasing a Huawei phone, I’m going to provide you with all of the information you’ll need. So, without further any due let’s get started!

Why does it matter what operating system you use?

Yes, it does matter which operating system you use. I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to invest in a smartphone that runs on an OS it doesn’t recognize, or one that is unsupported by apps. Huawei has relied on Google’s Android operating system so far. However, they are planning to release their own unique EMUI/Stock Rom Operating System for their upcoming smartphones.

If you use the Android OS, you will have access to a variety of apps that are compatible with it. While Huawei phones use Android OS they can still run different types of software with their own specific features. In the future, if you do decide to purchase a Huawei phone you’ll have access to lots of features and functions which will be unavailable on any other smartphone. That’s why it is very important to know the smartphone’s operating system first.

Advantage and disadvantage of androids

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the Android operating system. In this section, we will know in detail about it.


1. Open Source Software: Android is an open-source software which means you can customize the phone as per your need and requirement, all you have to do is root it.

2. Lots of Apps: As we know android os has a massive community where a lot of people develop different kinds of applications for android users, so you will always have access to thousands of applications.

3. Highly Customizable: Android is highly customizable, there are a lot of launchers and themes available which you can apply on your phone for customizing it.

4. Easily Available: As we know android is the most widely used OS in the world so it is really easy to get an android device from the market even from a normal mobile shop.


1. Security Issues: Android has been one of its own kind for a long time, because of which security issues have been found in it many times. It is not as secure as iOS or Windows phone os. Even if you install a good antivirus app there are still chances that your phone might get hacked.

2. Heavy Resource Consuming: Android os is a heavy resource consuming os that consumes high ram space and also slows down the device sometimes after using it for a long time. You will notice it in some android phones where they are working fine but suddenly they become slow.

3. Updates are not guaranteed: The problem with android os is that like windows, there are thousands of different companies developing it. All of them utilize their own version which might be slightly different from the other. So google cannot manage to update all of its versions at once, so you may get stuck on an older version.

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