The word “archetype” refers to a very typical example of a person or a thing. When applied to humans, it describes the pattern of behaviour or dominating characteristics of a human being.
The psychologist Carl Jung used the concept of Archetypes to describe human motivations and behaviour. He has defined 12 primary styles or personality traits of humans. The characteristics of 12 primary archetypes of humans can be summarized as follows. See whether you can recognize your own archetype.
The Innocent
A person who believes that life is perfect and always optimistic about almost everything. tends to be dependent. He/she is reluctant to accept what is really going on. Their greatest fear is to be punished for doing something bad and being abundant by others.
The Orphan
The Orphan is a down to earth person, who sometimes tends to lose his or her own self by trying to please others. They consider themselves as fragile or incompetent and expect special treatment from others. They can be victims of mental harassment due to their dependent nature. They are skeptic about people and fear of being exploited.  Usually he/she is not an outstanding person.
The Warrior/Hero
He/She is a tough and a courageous person, who consider him/her self as the savior of others. Always tries to prove one’s worth to others. He/she is always seeking a battle to fight, considering everything that occurs as a threat or a challenge. Pays less attention to ethics and one’s own principles in order to win and get his/her own way. Usually he/she is an arrogant person.
The Caregiver
When a person who is characterized by compassion, selflessness and generosity she/he is identified as a Caregiver. They love to protect and care for others.  In their motive to help others, they may end up hurting themselves.  Sometimes, they use the same characteristics to control others by making them feel guilty or in debt.
The Explorer
The explorer is always looking for something to improve his/her life. He/she loves to experience new things. every ambitious and self-centered in nature. Tries to do everything by themselves, avoiding any help from others. Usually this type of person can never rest, because he/she to be a perfectionist, trying to measure everything and find the perfect solutions.
The Rebel
It is the person who believes that ‘rules are made to be broken’. Their destructive nature makes them careless about their own safety as well as may put others also in danger. Sometimes their actions are motivated through inner rage and may lead to mental or physical harassment of others.
The Lover
The Lover always shows passion in every relationship they are involved in; with parents, children, friends or in romance. They fear of being alone, isolated and unwanted. Sometimes, may lose his/her own identity by trying to please others to maintain relationships.
The Creator
The Creator or Artist tries to nurture all imaginative endeavors and believes that ‘if something can be imagined, it can be done’. This may lead to overloading their lives with constant new involvements. These people become workaholics, always to be deeply involved with work. They have their own visions and try to realize them throughout their lives.
The Jester
A person who enjoys life as it is and thinks that ‘you only live once’. They try to have fun with all the things/work they are involved with.  They may be with less self-control and lack dignity in their conduct. They are full of humor, however tends to be irresponsible. They are moved away with lust and any depth in thinking.
The Sage
The Sage archetype believes that ‘truth will set us free’. They try to analyze everything around them to understand the world. There is a tendency of judging others and thinking that others are not good enough or they are not doing anything as good as he/she is doing. lead to making ruthless expressions.
The Magician
The Magician tries to transform situations or influence and change people. Therefore, they may manipulate others to get things done. He/she likes to think ‘I am the person who makes things happen’. They love to develop a vision and live by it, which may lead to dishonesty.
The Ruler
This type of a person who tries to dominate others and create order in the society. They take full responsibility of their own lives. Sometimes tend to be very rigid and controlling with the desire of creating a perfect society. They are very authoritative and fear delegating authority.All these archetypes occur in our life span time to time. They can be classified into 3 major groups.

  1. Ego Type ( Innocent, Worrier, Orphan, Caregiver)
  2. Self Type (Jester, Sage, Magician, Ruler)
  3. Social Type ( Explorer, Rebel, Lover, Creator)

People may have several archetypes during their life span. Some archetypes that were undermined during younger ages may emerge unconsciously during someone’s old age. Few archetypes may co-exist within the same period. However, one archetype usually dominates the others and we are able to identify the personality of a person by that. Understanding our own archetype and of others is helpful in creating cordial relationships in the society and make our lives much convenient.

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