In simple we can say that, digital marketing is a term for the marketing of products or services where promotion is done using digital technologies, not only based on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, tabs, electronic display advertising, and any other digital medium. Today digital marketing is fundamental to the success for any business in a competitive modern marketing environment. As a professional marketer, you will be on board if you promote your brands online and through mobile applications or any other digital marketing platform.The digital marketing is not a drop top of the leaf. Marketers have to analyse deep in the intricate marketing environment to discover the most impactful strategies required to build a prosperous business.

Let’s see the concept of digital marketing and how it will be useful in modern, complex business marketing environment.

Do you know….????

Today consumers are using multi-devices and using multiple information sources before a purchase.

  1. 45-48% of consumer’s search product information in engines.
  2. 27- 33% search brands on websites,
  3. 22-26% search within mobile applications.

(Author’s Research findings)
In the past, marketers have trusted on the consistent chronology of the customer life cycle, from brand awareness, from the first purchase to brand loyalty.

The digital marketing concept goes beyond that simply by keeping companies connected to the consumers based on past, predictable purchased behaviours. Digital marketing creates meaningful relationships between businesses and consumers regardless of wherever or whenever a customer interacts with required products.

Searching individual customer behavioral information, for instance, past purchases, searches, page views and clicks, are the useful information for businesses to apply to digital marketing strategies.
Do not eliminate the need to make assumptions about demographics as it would result in much more general and fewer effective campaigns. As a result, customers feel less comfortable, unappreciated, and devalued by businesses. Consequently, it has negative chances that these individuals will become brand loyalists and advocates.

Same as traditional marketing, when digital marketing added to the marketing mix, it is significant that engagement with consumers becomes more consistent and continuous during the customer life cycle as campaigns are optimized to be familiar channels (Omini Channels). They can spend more than one format easily for customers to view via mobile, desktop, or tablet throughout the day. An omni-channel approach increases the probability of the response of customers positively to a campaign’s final action.

 Let’s Start with PPC

The pay-per-click (PPC) models are relayed on data gleaned from individual customer’s online behaviour. The PPC model is used to increase website traffic by delivering highly relevant advertisements to consumers online in digital marketing.

These targeted ads pop-up in customers’ search engine when they search or on websites visited. Marketers pay a fee to a website owner or search engine only when a user clicks an ad assuming that customers watched the particular ad.For a successful PPC campaign, marketers should be focused on especially the words, phrases used in the company website and across the ads in all channels. Based on the key words used during the campaign, the product and brand massage will be communicated within the target group.However, you always need to be tested on what appears in the ad. Not only the phrases used, but also the tones of voice, mobile version content, etc. are important to successful communication. These will let you to know how the PPC strategies work out on your target market. Again you are able to re-arrange or change the targeting and positioning at this point.

Maximize with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used to attract the number of visitors to the websites which increases the high page search result leading to increase the web ranking.

SEO  is not a strange term to marketers. Only the concepts and its execution are changed with technological advancement from time to time. With portable devices, consumers become more adaptable to the brands regularly.You have to consider factors in search engine optimization. The contents of your site, performance, authority and user experience are the important considerations in this process. To get the best results, don’t forget to optimize through multiple channels and convert text to video.

Use Mobile Apps 

The average consumer time spending would be over 70% of their mobile devices and applications. In Sri Lanka, nearly 10-15% companies have provided mobile applications to download for the consumers. However, with the growing trend, it is expected to be in fivefold in 2020.

With the logging to the favourite site or social media profiles, customers can make reliable, quick purchasers, acquired point based on spending and receive suggestions, clicks on likes or reviews, which can be performed very quickly. The personalization tools help website owners to get information about customer and arrange their market segments clearly.

The Future of Digital Marketing

The alarm clock you set up to wake up in the morning, makes an alert to you and your servant to prepare your breakfast in the kitchen. The clock and servant connection may not be correct to every home. However, it says the connection between the device and human. To step ahead with technology, multichannel and multi device strategies keep connected to consumers wherever and whenever consumers are logging to be online.The traditional media will be stuck without a clear path while printing concerns will arise only at a real need. The television and radio will not the safe in terms of revenue, which will struggle to hold the market share and open modern avenues to strength the cash flow.

However, the future of digital marketing needs to map in how marketers can create a platform for new and traditional media to play together to protect both the traditional and digital media.

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