Although a mobile camera serves today mostly for taking selfies or breath-taking pictures, there are numerous other situations where you can use and benefit from your smartphone camera.

Of course, taking photos is its primary role, but nowadays thanks to perks of modern technology and useful mobile apps, it’s possible to do much more. You just need to be curious and play with different options. That’s why this article is here as a starting point – some helpful apps that will add more functions to your camera and turn it into a whole new device.

Veracity –  It is a great app to discover and find more about beautiful landscapes, monuments and other sightseeing places. Basically, this handy app performs reverse image search on any picture and in that way identifies the subject of a photo. So, next time when you travel, just snap a photo of the unknown monument or scenery and you’ll find all relevant information on it easily and quickly. Veracity also reveals where else the same photo appears on the web. It is a very convenient app, especially when traveling as Veracity can be your personal tourist guide.
Price: Free

QR Code Reader and Scanner – It is a must-have app to be informed completely and not to miss anything. Given that nowadays many products have barcodes and also the advertising industry is using them more and more, it’s necessary to have an appropriate reader for barcodes. Therefore, you’d use QR Code Reader and Scanner. This useful app scans all kinds of QR codes and saves your scans in History that is searchable without difficulty. Likewise, it’s possible to share codes via email, SMS or Facebook. It is a nice and fast way to find out what’s happening behind the curtains.
Price: Free

SamCard Pro – It is an essential app for all businessmen. Wouldn’t be nice to have your business cards easily accessible? With SamCard Pro that’s not a problem. Just snap a photo of a business card and all the contact information is automatically recognized and saved in your contacts. This app recognizes many languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and more. So, next time it’s enough to dial a number instead of losing your time on searching for a particular contact information.
Price: $5.99

Image to Excel Converter – It is a very helpful app for professionals who deal with various spreadsheets, lists and statements. It’s never been easier to modify tabular paper documents. Simply snap a photo of your paper document and convert it into editable MS Excel format thanks to powerful OCR technology. Also, a screen shoot can be converted as well. The best part is that, there are no restrictions regarding the file size and number of converted files. Forget about manual rewriting and wasting your time. Let Image to Excel app do that annoying job instead of you.
Price: Free

SkyView – It is an indispensable app for star lovers. If you are a fan of astronomy and star gazing, then this is the right app for you. Just point your iPhone at the sky and identify constellations, stars, satellites and many more. SkyView will turn your smartphone into a telescope 2.0. Likewise, it’s possible to set notifications for star gazing events. This intuitive app will bring mysterious Universe closer and transform your iPhone into a treasure of knowledge.
Price: Free

Who would say that a mobile camera hides so many possibilities? However, this is only a small part. The rest is on you to explore and discover other new options.

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