Animated videos always look more attractive and gain the attention of viewers by their visually impressive quality. When you view an animated video, it looks complicated and something quite difficult for beginners. Yes, the animation is indeed a tough job, but with several movie makers for YouTube, such as Filmora, Animaker, and InVideo, filming an animated video has become quite easy for beginners too. Find the right video editing software and select the animated templates to use them as you please. Your video can be ready in as little as an hour for free.

YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker has got the perfect tools ready to let you create animated 3D videos easily and publish them on YouTube. Just follow these few easy steps on this customized YouTube movie maker and create your own 3D animated video.

  • Open YouTube Movie Maker and click on the option “Make Videos” to open the video making module. Check out this youtube intro maker for more details on how to prepare for your intro.
  • Press the 3D tab on the timeline to shift to the 3D model from 2D.
  • Add all the pictures and video clips you would like to combine and animate into a movie.
  • After you have loaded everything, drag the clips and arrange them on the timeline one by one on the videos, audios, music, and overlay rows.
  • Set the duration for which you want each of them to play.
  • Now coming to the actual part, select a video or picture to add animations to it and click the “3D settings” option. You can also right-click and choose 3D settings to add animations.
  • After the settings open, you can find bars to customize the X angle, Y angle, and Z angle, which you can adjust as per your choice. You can rotate the angles from 0 to 200 and also add Depth feature to the video.
  • To add some more effects to make the animation look perfect, you can use the “Add Camera” button to once again customize the position and angle of the camera by adjusting the X, Y, Z points. The “+ Append Point” is an option that lets you add several viewpoints in the camera and give the effect of a 3D camera.
  • Lastly, you can preview the final video to check all the effects before publishing it. If everything is okay, click on “Publish to YouTube” or “Publish to Local” to either save the video on your computer or directly upload it on YouTube. This is one of the easiest movie makers.


Another beautiful YouTube movie maker that creates the best-animated intro videos for you easily is InVideo. Just download it and create animated figures narrating your script and make absolutely professional and quality videos yourself. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open the InVideo app and find the Menu on the top, the Scenes displayed on the left, the Workspace in the middle, the Library on the right, and the Timeline below. These are the five major sections you need to know.
  • The Scenes section lets you add, duplicate, and remove scenes from the video. A combination of the scenes creates an animated video. This is similar to slides in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The timeline allows you to increase and decrease the duration of each scene by selecting the number of seconds.
  • The Library is the most crucial section to work with and carries most of the tools that you need. It has been designed to do all the hard work that you would otherwise have to do manually. Instead of drawing figures on your storyboard, you can use templates and pre-set figures as per your requirements. There are handicrafts, 2D, and 3D figures to choose from. Just select the theme and find hundreds of characters to select and set up the storyboard and scenes. You can not only select the characters you need and decide their looks but also add properties, props, backgrounds, texts, screen effects, numbers, sound effects, music, and transitions. You can type and find anything you want.
  • Once you start selecting your characters, a separate window lets you add several expressions and actions to your character. Each character comes with multiple predesigned actions like speaking, dancing, sleeping, and feelings such as happiness, anger, grief to let you narrate and emote easily.
  • Create the scenes by adding a background, characters, objects to set up the scene of a house, playground or office as you want, add the texts, animate the characters, add in-camera objects, zoom in and zoom out. In short, use the easy and predefined tools to add all the special effects needed to narrate the particular scene before you need to before moving onto the next scene.
  • Finally, when the project is complete, you can preview it and publish it directly on your YouTube channel or save it first on your computer.

 You will fall for this incredible platform that makes free animated videos. It is easy to create tutorials and projects with this particular YouTube movie maker. 

Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is another YouTube movie maker that comes with well-designed tools to create professional and quality free animated videos. You can create a storyboard where captioned images can be added in the form of drawings. The look and the camera angle too can be elaborated like a flowchart to create the movie. When the storyboard is ready, the transitions can be added along with the narration or voiceover, which you can record or upload. Finally, add the animations to the images, sync the video with the description, finalize the audio settings, and upload the final video on YouTube.

There are several other easy, medium as well as professional YouTube movie makers available these days. They allow you to select pictures, videos, record directly, and also create animated videos that you can publish on your YouTube channel without anybody else’s help. With a little exploring and practicing, you will soon be making the perfect videos that you have always dreamt of making all by yourself.

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