Being unable to work due to disability and having no other source of income is hard, so the only option you have left is making a Social Security disability insurance claim. But what if this last resort doesn’t work out, in some cases your claim can be very much denied. What if you are dependent on it, to feed yourself and your family, as a lot of disabled people do. This shouldn’t happen too often, but in cases that it does happen, common mistakes were found in the claim itself.

So here are some common reasons why your SSI application is denied!


You might be thinking about how you’ve done everything correctly and abide by every precaution while filing the claim – this might even be correct, but small mistakes can be looked over. People who are suffering from a terminal illness can claim their own, with just medical history. Paperwork errors happen way too often in these types of claims, and it can make or break your chances of getting the benefit. And on top of that, it will only prolong the process of getting the needed money and care, so you might want to double-check on everything, even the spelling on the paperwork itself. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Not Having An Attorney

Sure, you can file a claim by yourself, but if you are not an experienced professional who works in law – you probably shouldn’t file your claim if you want to win. You have way higher chances of getting the deserved benefits if you have an attorney along the way, read this article to find out more. You don’t have the time to wait and see if your claim will be denied again or not, and having a legal backup to fall onto is way better. An experienced attorney will contribute not just by helping you with paperwork, but by building your case and making it as urgent and important as possible – he knows the ins and outs of the law, the needed info, and how to present your case at the end.

Applying Too Soon

Not a lot of people might know this, but there is a timeframe in which you should apply for the claim, and don’t do it sooner. If you are unable to work because of your disability, you need to go to the doctor and determine when it started to happen. You cannot apply for the SSI if you worked in the past 12 months of having the disability – it needs to be more than that. For you to be qualified to get the benefits, your condition needs to be proven, just to make sure that it’s permanent or that you won’t get better any time soon. Almost all claims get denied if the person files it too soon – the SSDI just doesn’t want to get scammed by people, and they prioritize heavier cases.

Not Having Enough Proof

Another big factor that many people fail to obtain is the right amount of proof of your disability or illness. This means going on regular check-ups to the doctor, and having a clear medical history of when a certain disability started and how it was caused. The key factor here is your doctor and the diagnosis, how does your condition affect your work status and ability, some disabled people can still work, and some don’t so it all depends on the case. Even after this, all your documentation and proof will be thoroughly examined and only then you can apply for the disability claim.

Disabled Person with another person
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Still Being Employed

Another error that some people make in this process is applying for disability benefits while still working – even if it’s part-time. This will not go hand in hand, since to get the claims you need to be unable to work, so you get granted the compensation you need to continue living a comfortable life. Now, every job is different, some don’t pay as much, some allow you to do them from your home – so in some cases, you can get away with it and still not get denied the benefits. But on the other hand, if you can still work a reasonable job, you will probably be denied.

You shouldn’t live in fear whether or not you’ll get the needed compensation, regardless if you have a family or not – it’s your right to be taken care of and the country should step in. Little mishaps can happen but try to avoid them as much as possible, you do not want to double the processing time, you need the benefits as fast as possible!

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