It doesnโ€™t matter whether you are trying to design a nice shower stall or a small powder room, a small bathroom needs to be designed quite carefully in order to be convenient for everyone, otherwise, it will make day-to-day routines difficult to navigate through. If you are concerned about the small space, you will be pleased to know that there are many things you can do to make it appear bright and efficient. All it needs is a bit of strategy and we have some clever ideas to help you get started.

Welcome the Skylight

If your small bathroom lacks a window space on the walls, perhaps it is possible to opt for a skylight. It not only brightens up the tiny space but also adds a lot of natural light to your bathroom and makes it look cheerful, clean, and bright. While it will flood the bathroom with natural light or the starry night sky, it will not compromise your privacy at all!

Play Around With the Must-Haves

There is nothing that keeps you from having some fun and doing creative experimentation with the bathroom essentials. One of the examples is the wall color. While you can go for the regular shades of white, there are other colors, like deep red, that you can choose to make a bold statement. You can also go for interesting and unique tile patterns or place a bathroom rug that is creative and fun to look at. Having a space-efficient vanity in your bathroom is a must-have that is not only functional but also adds a tinge of glamour to the space.

Keep Your Imagination Vertical

When it comes to making the best use of space, you have to change your frame of thinking. For a design to look aesthetically appealing, it need not follow the conventional rules because you can spice it up with a bit of creativity. If you are concerned about designing a bathroom in a tiny house because of limited space, all you need to do is to start thinking โ€œverticallyโ€. In small bathrooms, there is a nice enough vertical space to work with, so make use of that and allow your creativity to shine!

Keep the Palette Consistent

It is very important to not go too crazy with the color palette in a tiny bathroom because it can ruin a tasteful order and ensure frenzied chaos. It is quite fun to play with color palettes and marble prints but you have to be careful to not overdo it or you will end up creating too much design noise. Instead, keep some of the bathroom walls plain and without embellishment (that is if you are going for patterned tiles or other decorative designs all around). This will help keep the space elegant and less overwhelming.

Mix the Materials Around

The space must not hinder a creative design and there are so many tasteful things that you can do with a small space. Some of which include mixing different types of materials to bring out the beauty in a tiny bathroom. You can go for some contemporary materials and some antique ones. This fusion of different elements will create a unique beauty and enhance the design appeal.

Keep the Clutter at Bay

This is more important than you think because we are talking about a small space here. Your bathroom can easily turn into a mess if you are not careful about clutter. One smart way to do that is to only opt for items that are multi-functional. You can make small changes in your bathroom to make it more practical, like getting a narrow and tiny shelf to go over the sink for storing items of regular use. It does not have to be too fancy or expensive at all. Just for the aesthetics and functionality to keep things simple.

Blend the Cabinets with the Walls

This is nothing less than a magical tip because not only does it help to organize the room, it also appears less crowded. You can get built-in storage with hidden closet doors that blend with the surrounding walls. This will create a crisp and elegant uplift to the whole design.

Although decorating a small space and, more specifically, a tiny bathroom is nothing less than a challenge,  it is not an impossible task at all. All you have to do is to get creative with ideas and make the best use of space. A carefully designed bathroom that has elegance and style will brighten up your day and encourage you to keep it organized.

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