Once you’ve got everything set up and have all the major points on lockdown, the only thing yet left to do is find a unique Domain Name for your Business. This can be a bit tricky as you want to sound professional and not too quirky. International Companies make it a point to have domain names that dictate what the business stands for and this type of standard is what Domain Names should strive for.

Having a domain name is a lot more than just an address, it is your business, your blog and the very core of your online personality/identity. Entrepreneurship needs to reflect the business you intend to project and that’s why the domain name you choose needs to represent you. It should be easy to memorize, be recognizable and be a great representation of you and the brand you wish to advertise. This article will explain how to pick a Domain Name and why it needs to be appropriate to who you are.

The meaning of a Domain Name

The whole point of having a domain name is projecting how your website will be known to the online world. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you choose to have a unique domain name is what draws people to it. The address of your site will remain yours with an annual fee that you need to be sure to pay. Online users who are familiar with your domain just type it into the (URL) – Uniform Resource Locator and then are taken directly to the site. But it can also be found through mediums such as Bing and Google, which is why having an, appropriate domain name is very important.

Domain Extensions

Online Communities provide certain options when choosing a domain name. One such option is either a TLD – (Top Level Domain) or a Domain Extension that comes with plenty of Top Domains to choose from. Here is an example of the most commonly used domains.

  • The original TLD (Top Level Domains) include – net, .com, mil, edu, org, and int. keep in mind that only a few of them are available when it comes to general use and (.com) is by far the most important and commonly used one.
  • Lots of Top level domains with specific country codes also exist for example – au (Australia), UK (United Kingdom), cn (China), ph (Philippines) and jp (Japan).
  • You also get specific top level topic domains known as (gTLDs), which aren’t as common though and still require some catching up.

Tips to help you choose a Name

1) Choose a Name That’s Easy to Type

If you have to constantly be spelling out the domain name, it isn’t going to work. Remember to keep the name as simple as possible and easily type-able in a search field or address bar. Take for instance bbc.com. Once you visit the site you will easily remember the domain name. Being a news site this is the best domain they picked. Another example is Casino.com.  Everybody will remember this domain name because it is easy to type and straight to the point.  They name casino which is what the website is about.

The reason the domain name needs to be simple is because you don’t want potential customers typing in the wrong name and ending up on someone else’s website. If by chance the domain name you pick is subjected to common misspelling make sure to register the misspelling and redirect/register the visitor to the correct domain.  An example is fiverr.com.

2) Brainstorm

Choose about 6-7 phrases that properly describe the main topic of your intended website, jot them down and then combine to find the most unique and easy domain name. Pick the one that makes sense, has not been used before and recognizable for all. When it comes to advertising, it’s recommended to pick 10 names and then research until you have a name that fits the bill. The first few may come easy but as you push through you are sure to find it more difficult and eventually end up with more ideas. Using this method pick out the best one and carry on ahead, developing it further. Also, ask family and friends for their opinion on the name as this is another great way to see if the domain name is memorable.

3) Make it unique

If you plan on marketing yourself then you can go ahead and use your own name/surname, for example, something like – Johnsmith.com or jessicaorelli.com, the choice is yours. Even if it’s not you that plan on marketing you could still register your name as the domain name, if you plan on using it in the future. If it’s a business venture you plan on advertising/marketing then look for the most suitable name with regard to the business. First check though that the business name you intend on using hasn’t already been taken as that could indefinitely cause you problems. If you do come across a similar name when browsing through Google do not use that name, as having websites with familiar names is what leads to failure. Also be sure to never use misspelled or plural names of other websites.

To Conclude

These are just a few tips of what can be done when looking for an appropriate Domain Name. Be sure to do a complete search of everything to ensure you end up with a domain name that is guaranteed to bring your business.

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