Canada is a peaceful and developed country. That’s why many of the people of the world like to immigrant to Canada. And Canadian government is also approving their immigration by filtering them according to some common factors. Suppose you are one of them who have applied for immigration permission but can’t check the Canadian citizenship application status. Today I am here to discuss the proper application procedure and the ways of checking application status.

Applying For Immigration in Canada

Before making any immigration application, you have to check the eligibility. This is the very first job to do. For Citizenship into Canada, it would require you to have a permanent residency in Canada. Without a permanent residence, the application wouldn’t be approved. So this is a mandatory criterion.

Secondly, they notice the days of physical existence. The Canadian government requires 1095 days of material fact in the county within the last 5 years. So you have to keep remember the number of days you are staying inside the country. Therefore only one complexity is present. If you are physically present in Canada but don’t have permanent residence, what will happen! The government has given a sweet solution to this problem. They will count one day as half the day before your permanent residency.

And you have to pay the Income-tax at least for 3 round years to become eligible to apply, and you would need proof of language ability to show. That may be Canada language club certification or any other approved third-party certificate.


At this step, you have to check the document checklist. And have to collect all the documents as mentioned there. It will require all of your travel evidence outside of Canada for at least five years. And your language ability test document and some others.

You may draft a photocopy of all the good papers and travel histories. That wouldn’t be a problem.

Pay the fee online

You have to pay the fee online with your master card. At the time of making payment, you would need a valid email id to submit the price. Then, get a receipt and print it. The receipt of income would be attached with the documentation.

Send the Documents

After paying the fees, you have to send the documents to the authority for further processing. The mail address would be,

Case Processing Centre-Sydney
Case Processing Centre-Sydney
P.O. Box 7000
B1P 6V6

Application Status

This is the entire period of waiting and thinking would I be able to sit for the test. What’s my application status! Do they received it! So many types of questions arise in the head in this uncertain moment.

But the application processing time varies with some factors. Processing time means the time which is required by the authority to permit immigration or giving a visa. The processing time depends on,

  • Country of residence
  • Document completion
  • Type of application

The type of application here briefs which kind of permission do you need? For example, a working visa would take lesser time than the residence; it can be indeed said.

There is not any guaranteed estimate of processing times. The average period is 3 months to 5 months. Very often, it might be done in 100 working days.

Prepare For the Exam

Once the application is approved, they will call you for an exam. You may take preparation from the Canada Information Guide. You have to gather some simple knowledge about Canada. It’s a popular place in tourist places with their history. You might take the preparations from the before of approving the application if you were confident enough. Don’t waste time online waiting for the approval; you may take trial into these several months very well.

Attend the Exam

IRCC will notify you about the time and location of the test. Attend the exam with confidence on a particular day and time. The question would be 20 marks. All the questions would be multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, approval; you have to correct 15 questions answer. Thus you would be given.

Final Notes

I hope this article has given you direct knowledge of citizenship application, and you may check the application status nowadays online.  This article would ease your tension. I hope you are attending the citizenship oath ceremony bypassing all these stages—best approval, of luck.