Probably everyone is afraid of one of the most depressing facts – our bodies change as we get older. This change has lead to a strong establishment of the myth that you can’t get in real shape after you turn thirty, so many people face this decade with anxiety and dread. You’ve heard that your muscle mass is slowly shrinking and that your metabolism is stalling, but what you probably haven’t heard is that this decline can not only be stopped but even reversed. That’s because our metabolism is directly correlated with our lean muscle mass, meaning that all we need is a regular exercise.

Maybe you think your time has passed, but growth hormones and bone mass that were bursting in your twenties are not suddenly gone. Actually, if you’ve spent your twenties inside the gym you’ve developed the fitness base which can really pay off now. But even if you’re only now starting with your workout, your body still has plenty of natural fat-fighting and muscle-building juices. You’re in an age when your coordination, endurance, and body strength can come together to create an optimal performance, and our oxygen efficiency also improves with age and training.

All this sounds very nice, but you’ve already tried it. You’ve completely changed your diet and embarked on a grueling exercise routine. Which was fine for two weeks, before you became almost unable to move from soreness and sick of salads. Well, that’s why we’re gonna show you how to do it properly.

Know Why Are You Doing It

When we want to get (back) in shape, the two most important things are discipline and motivation. There’s no point in starting out if you’re liable to stuff yourself with biscuits and cake and just give it up. In order to boost your motivation and discipline, you need to get into the right mindset. Getting there requires only one thing – knowing precisely why you’re doing it. Knowing the answer to this question will provide you with strength and determination every time you feel like giving up. But you need to make sure it’s the right answer. If you think you’re doing it just to look good, that won’t keep you going for very long. The reason is simple – at some point, you’ll get to looking ʽpretty goodʼ, and this semi-satisfaction will kill your drive and prevent you from fulfilling your true potential. The key is to create an emotional connection to your goal – you could use the people who’ve made fun of you for being overweight and show them you can look amazing. Whatever your answer is, you could additionally boost your motivation by surrounding yourself with some inspirational quotes.

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Decide That You Come First

Naturally, we have much more obligations in our thirties than we had in our twenties, but, no matter how crazy your schedule is, you need to make yourself a priority. The workout is not a punishment, but a reward that will make you feel and look better – that’s the way of thinking that will help you to always find time for it. So don’t try to rush it because of other obligations. Many people skip stretching, which is mandatory if you don’t want to become sore and lose your motivation. Many people don’t feel like exercising after work because they want to go out with friends or simply relax in front of the TV or with a book. If you’re among them, get accustomed to exercise in the morning. Prepare everything you need the night before – your exercise clothes, towels, a bottle of water – and set the alarm. That way you won’t have the time to find excuses while searching for all that stuff. Of course, it’s mandatory that you have enough sleep before that. If you deprive yourself of sleep your body won’t be able to rest and recover, so get at least 7 hours, 8 if you can.

Don’t Surround Yourself With Walls

Some people just don’t like going into the gym, so they exercise at home. But that doesn’t make any real difference when it comes to your motivation – being stuck between four walls can kill it. People have tried many tricks – they cycle on their stationary bikes while watching their favorite television show. But in the end, they just watch the show, forgetting to paddle on. It’s hard to concentrate on any activity if there’s a lovely day outside. So why not use it? Why not get on a real bike and get the same amount of cardio with a sun on your face and wind in your hair? Don’t forget your bike water bottle, though – you don’t want fatigue and muscle cramps to cut your ride short. Water helps your joints and muscles to move correctly and your organs to work effectively. Besides, your body won’t be able to metabolize stored carbohydrates and fat properly without it, so it’s pretty necessary if you want to burn fat. You can escape solitary workouts even further if you invite a friend for a ride. Many of us sometimes feel we’re sacrificing our social life while exercising, choosing it over hanging out. But is there any better way to hang out than having a cardio ride with a good friend on a beautiful day?

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Stay Away From Diets

You probably thought that diets will be first on our list and now we’re telling you to stay away from them. But every diet is a restrictive one, which means sooner or later you’ll return to your old habits and put on weight again. The trick is to get rid of all restrictions – you need to be careful about knowing what you’re eating, but you still need to eat things you love. The best solution is to prepare food in advance – at least three days. That way you won’t be searching for your next meal inside cupboards or the refrigerator. Snacking throughout the day is not bad, either – it keeps your energy up. All you have to do is to keep healthy snacks close at hand, in reasonable portion sizes.

That’s all it takes – a firm decision, self-awareness, a little help from nature and friends, and some in advance prepared, but still delicious meals. At thirty, there’s still a lot of rubber left on your tires and you can drive right through this old busted myth.

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