Animal lovers are a kind all of their own, they’re fanatical about their furry, feathered and four-legged friends. Whilst the best way to spend time is actually hanging out with animal friends, if that’s not an option then we’ve got to move onto the next best thing, which is probably playing games that involve them. There are hundreds of games for all different kinds of consoles, as well as mobile and PC, so we’ve selected some of the best that are available to play on each kind. That way nobody has to miss out on the animal fun.

The Dog House Megaways

The Dog House Megaways is one of the most popular slots games around and has a cute canine theme. There are several instalments in The Dog House series, but this one sees the dog house getting a pretty swanky makeover. Itโ€™s clear that the team behind the art on this game had an absolute riot creating animals that are as kooky as they are cute. From a bug-eyed pug, to a crazed Rottweiler, each of the characters that you meet on this slots game has its own distinctive personality. Better still, there are lots of sites offering free spins for various slot machines and with this particular game being one of the most popular out there, itโ€™s easy to use those free spins to hang out with the dogs in The Dog House Megaways. Each of the sites on the list has been independently reviewed for safety and security and offers plenty of choice in slots games in case for some reason you donโ€™t want to hang out with these personality-plus pooches. If you want to play then you’ll need a PC with a web browser, or a smartphone.

Red Dead Redemption I & II

If you’re into the kind of animals that you can ride around on then you’ll love the Red Dead Redemption games from Rockstar. These games invite you to play as a cowboy and ride around on horseback through staggeringly beautiful terrain. You’ll start the game with a horse that you’re given, but throughout the game you can visit different stables, buy different horses, or even catch them from the wild. There is also the option to change the main and tail of your horses, as well as equip them with different items of tack which will help strengthen their natural abilities. As well as your horse, which will be your main partner in the game, you’ll also be able to encounter lots of North American wildlife. Ducks, rabbits and deer will pop out at you all the time and are fun to watch. You’ll also sometimes be exposed to wolves, bears and even mountain lions though, so keep your eyes peeled! Hunters and fishers will enjoy this game too, being able to stalk rare animals to bring home as trophies, or fish for legendary water dwellers. Whilst GTA used to be Rockstar’s most famous game, Red Dead Redemption I & II are fast taking over that mantle. If you want to play then you’ll need PlayStation, Xbox, or a compatible PC.

Planet Zoo

Anybody that grew up in the 90s will be familiar with the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon. Planet Zoo, although not an official descendant of Zoo Tycoon, has absolutely taken on that role. This game is a huge leap up from Zoo Tycoon 2 and allows you, as you might expect, to create and look after the zoo of your dreams. There’s a sandbox mode where you can choose whichever animals you’d like and your imagination is the only constraint, or you can play in Franchise mode, where you’ll be able to trade animals online with others, as well as work on your zoo within the parameters of a realistic economy. The scenarios challenge you to work on pre-existing zoos and create thriving parks from the disasters that others have made before you. The best part about this game by far though, is the staggering realism of the animals. Each animal has been carefully created to exhibit the behaviours that the animal would in real life. You’ll find burrowing meerkats, wallowing hippopotamuses and swinging chimpanzees, each with an incredibly realistic look. On top of this, the Zoopedia means that you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about the animals that inspired this game. If you want to play, then you’ll need a compatible PC.

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