Using their words, the best novelists have a gift of expressing the most ordinary story, into a poetry of sentences that encapsulate the reader, shifting them towards their way of thinking and believing whilst creating a world outside of themselves in keeping you wanting to read furthermore about the topic at hand.

To a writer, the art of putting pen to paper or word to laptop can be one of two things, either a pleasurable and exhilarating experience or a stressful and mundane one. With so many options to choose from online and helpful advice from professionals in the industry, not to mention advantageous software along-side tips and tricks on how to do it best, you can enjoy the thrill of being one of the best authors or freelance writers on demand.

This is one job that takes both time and patience and to support you to come up with an excellent end-product, we have included a few book writing software programs that will add a hint of professionalism to pen and paperโ€ฆor in this case to your laptop and computer.

There is nothing less impressive than reading any article with bad grammar, incorrect spelling or repetition of sentences over and over again. The mastery of good scripting is like the mastery of carpentry, it is always accompanied by the right tools, that any well-thought-of person knows and uses in order to attain a near-perfect end result. Not only does this augment the integrity of the word but also the reputation of the writer.

So, if you are looking to do all of the above, keep reading. This article will help you identify the tools that you can use to improve your skill and make your authorship more effective whether you are writing a book or an article. 

The Writing Software Programs You Should Use


Program 1: Google Docs

One of the more popular ones, Google docs, is a free tool that anyone can use as long as you have an internet connection. It is a flexible software that allows you to share and collaborate with others on the same platform and is accessible to whomever you โ€˜addโ€™ or โ€˜shareโ€™ the document with. You can also โ€˜lockโ€™ it so that they can only view it, as opposed to editing it. 

It edits your work directly, checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation for you.

The other advantageous aspect of using this tool is that is it very easy to learn as it is a very straight forward and simple application. Basically, if you can use Word, you can use Google docs.

Program 2: Grammarly

Again, another popular program, especially amongst anyone who does a significant amount of writing in their daily lives. A tool that can correct not only your spelling and punctuation, but also your grammar, is a definite go-to in any writerโ€™s world. It checks adjectives from verbs, social media text, emails, misspelled words and even words that are repeated, giving you suggestions for improvement on the way.

It does not teach you how to write but it corrects your grammar as part of the context and 10 million users canโ€™t be wrong about it. Its software integration with Gmail and chrome makes it easy to install on your hardware, as a google extension.

There are 2 options for these, a free one and a more advanced paid one. As an individual writer, you can do with the free option, but if you are in a large institution that requires precise articles and administration, then the upgrade would be advisable. Learn more about this program here.


Program 3: Scrivener

If your path leads you to becoming a book author, look no further than this software program to help you ease into this transition and make your career or hobby, a dream. Specifically created for book authors, this tool provides you with a variety of templates to choose from, in both the non-fiction and fiction categories. 

Some of the highly useful advantages range from being able to export your book to other applications like Kindle and iBooks to organizing it into a story board and breaking it up into smaller parts to help you arrange it better or edit it easier using its index cards feature for a better layout and structured thought process. Even if you are only working on your thesis, this can be a very helpful option for you and is a paid application.

Program 4: AutoCrit and Ulysses

A paid writerโ€™s tool, but one that can help you in the long run. This application is so genius that it gives you tips on how to improve your writing with recommendations, as you type. It is however limited to one genre โ€“ fiction. But you get a choice of seven different types. 

Ulysses is similar to AutoCrit, in that it also works with word processor and its formatting options are also quite commendable once you get it set up to your liking. It is also paid and a good option for first-time writers. 

There are other resources that covers the basics like

Putting words together, whether it is a book or an online article for a blog, usually requires 3 simple things; a desire to tell your story to the world, the words you want to use to tell your story and your imagination. All this sounds simple enough, but when you sit down to actually do it, and you are staring at a blank page in front of you, a software program created to help you with this, is your best friend.

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