Not so long ago, Virtual Private Network (VPN) was known as software reserved for professionals and people who want more privacy on the Internet for various purposes. VPN was invented approximately a quarter of a century ago as a response to a growing need of protecting the transfers of confidential business information. As the global network was turning into the favorite online place for mainstream users, things started to change for VPN too. Mostly because more people required a trustworthy defense against the rapidly increased number of cybercriminals and companies who want to use personal data for commercial purposes.

VPN awareness

VPN is created as a secured, unbreachable bridge between the user and the Internet. Itโ€™s not just safe but also a completely private connection that has several functions. The reason why people use VPN to solve browsing issues andย get Spanish IP addressย is to have a relaxed and pleasant time on the Internet, while preventing hackersโ€™ attacks, and protecting important information, passwords, and browsing history. When a person connects to a VPN, from that moment forward, all released and received data will be encrypted. While assigning a secured IP address, VPN protects all usersโ€™ connections including the public Wi-fi ones.

According to the data presented by Google Trends for the past 12-month period,ย Spainย is one of the countries thatโ€™s experiencing increased use and awareness of the VPN benefits. The Google Trends diagram undoubtedly proves that interest in VPN is slowly growing. Spain is one of many countries with similar search results. The best thing about it, people with no specific technical education can use this option. It takes only a few clicks or just one to put it in motion. Most of the VPN solutions on the market are easy to use and simple to adjust to personal needs.

Just a few of many benefits of Spanish IP address

People often complain about geo-blocking and problems associated with connecting to some Spanish sites, applications, and streaming services. This is where VPN comes to the rescue. The problem is instantly solved simply by choosing a Spain-based IP address. Now, the user can enter any Spanish site, platform or online content without limitations.

Most home and company Wi-fi connections are much safer than open public ones. However, they are still vulnerable. The reason why VPN makes it so safe is the data coding which keeps all information confidential at all times. Also, people can remotely access the company network and manage sensitive data without causing a security breach.

VPN can also hide personal information from literally anybody. During the browsing sessions, people can run into malicious traps planted on the websites to steal passwords and identities. Obtaining ID or bank card details, home address, and other personal information provides an opportunity for attackers to use them for illegal purposes.

Although VPN might slow down the Internet connection speed, the difference is usually quite small. However, the benefits of hiding online traffic surpass the speed deceleration. VPN hides usersโ€™ traffic from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and therefore prevents connection speed reduction based on the amount of already consumed data, also known as data throttling.

For people who work from home, VPN is not just a safe option but also a private one. This is especially useful for analysts, researchers, and people who generally conduct their jobs on the Internet. Because of the encryption process, nobody can track users browsing history and take advantage of it without the user’s knowledge. 

With these and other benefits and judging by theย 2022 VPN statistics, itโ€™s safe to say that VPN is here to stay and thrive.

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