Planning to get together with friends or family can be stressful. Despite the fact that you’re so excited to hang out with everyone, there can sometimes be necessary planning arrangements that need to be carried out to pull together even a casual get-together.

We’ve all been there and we understand the faff, that’s why we’ve pulled together our best ideas to make your next hangout amazing.


Get ready to coordinate with everyone before the meetup. This doesn’t need to be detailed or take up too much time. Instead, you just want to keep a loose eye on everything to make sure that everyone coming contributes a little to make it easier all-around. This could mean coordinating timings, carpools or food. Perhaps one person can bring games, another will host and a few people can volunteer to clean up. This way the burden doesn’t fall on one person or family or deal with preparing, hosting and cleaning.

By doing this you set a great precedent for future gatherings so that everyone knows they should contribute a little to make it easier and stress-free. After all, you all want to chill together to catch up and have fun.

Ordering In

If you want to avoid the hassle of cooking and cleaning or you simply don’t have the time, consider ordering in. There are so many options to choose from these days and you can easily order on an amazing night. To make things easier you might want everyone to order drinks, dinner and dessert separately so that the bill doesn’t fall on one person. This also ensures there is a variety of an abundance of food going around. You can even have spirits delivered directly to you to make your hangout easier. If drinking is a last-minute decision or you’ve run out, knowing you can order it makes it a lot easier and subsequently more fun.

Be Prepared

Preparation is key to making your hangout even more awesome. You can prepare games like a group quiz, which aren’t hard to put together but need a bit of time to make them truly awesome and fun for everyone. If there are other games you like to play as a group, like drinking games or card games, prep what you need for this. You can even collaborate with a couple of other people to make it easier or delegate a couple of tasks.

There are plenty of apps or online sites that make this process easier and having these on hand can elevate an otherwise mediocre hang.


If you want to kick things up a notch you might want to opt for a themed night. You can have everyone dressed according to the theme, match the food, drink and music to it and enjoy a popular or favorite TV show or film come to life.


A fun idea is to host your premier nights with your family and friends. If there is a TV show you’re all obsessed with or a Netflix special, gather a projector or a large TV screen, snacks and your loved ones and you have yourself a super fun night. There is a lot of joy in coming together to experience the viewing collectively and it is a great way to bring everyone together.

You can do this even if you have a hangout planned already and choose to do this as the main activity. Enjoying your favorite shows together is almost like a real-life Twitter feed.


Karaoke mics are super inexpensive these days and you can find a ton of portable ones. If karaoke is your vibe grab a mic and have a jam sesh with your friends and family.

You can use these portable karaoke mics during any future car rides or road trips, just think of how much fun and entertainment one mic can bring! Once you have the mic you can bring it along to any function or get together just to add some spice.

There are plenty of ways to add some fun and ensure your hangouts are never dull or boring. You need to get a little creative and think outside the box. Even a few adjustments like ordering in or a karaoke mic can make a get-together to go from 0-100 super quick.

It is important everyone there enjoys themselves so ensure that you take into account everybody’s wishes and feelings. Work together and collaborate so everyone is included. The bigger the group the more opinions there are, as long as you stay open-minded and committed to having the best time possible you will pull off an amazing hangout every time.

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