A night with friends isn’t complete without a few drinks. Games are fun and make you more interactive with your companions. There’s nothing better than involving games to break the ice, bond with each other by sharing silly stories and have some good laughs. You don’t need any gadgets or equipment to play these drinking games, since your drinks and friends are all you need. Try one of these games to make the party more enjoyable for a fun night out with your buddies.

Beer Pong

A beer pong table is a must if you decide to play the game the traditional way, but that’s not saying you can’t just use any old surface and have it work just as well. The whole point of playing beer pong tables is to toss the ping pong balls into your opponent’s cups, which means anything with a flat surface can be used as long as you have two equal sides. However, a stand-up beer pong table offers a lot more convenience since it allows you to play at any place and not just where there is a table available for use.

You can set it up in your garage or living room without having to worry about taking it down, later on, so you can go back to watching TV. There are many different models for sale online, but take note of their sizes before buying one because different brands may come with different dimensions. The point of having this particular kind of table is, so everyone will be able to reach their cups easily without having to move around too much, plus it looks pretty cool. It’s usually constructed with two slanted 2-liter bottles on each side for balance.

The Bottle Game

This is perhaps the simplest of all drinking games. All you need are two bottles and some players. Then you’re ready to go. Rotate the bottles vertically on their bases, so they can stand up straight with their open necks facing outwards. Put some drink (preferably beer) into either bottle. The goal here is to make your opponent’s bottle topple over using only your finger by gently pushing it from above the opening of the neck while you keep yours steady. If successful, that player has to drink whatever is left inside his bottle before moving to another game. Every time someone loses during this game, they must go down whatever’s in their bottle as well as whatever’s in the opposing bottle. That means to win this game. You have to force your opponent to forfeit and drink as much as possible.

Banana Game

A person is chosen to be the leader of this game. They must choose who goes first by saying, “Do you want a banana?” If the player responds “yes,” he will get up, walk over to where the leader is sitting with his back turned, sit down and place two fingers on the table between where they are sitting. The next person then asks if that person wants a banana, and so on until it comes back around for that original person. When that happens, it means that all players have sat down except for one, whose turn it is to ask if everyone else wants a banana. That last player must run away before asking the question because if the leader catches him, he will have to drink two fingers of liquor.

Classic Beer Pong Rules

This is perhaps the most classic drinking game ever, and where beer pong gets its name. The game involves two opposing players, each with a standard set of 10 cups arranged in a triangle. Each player then turns, trying to toss their ping pong ball into their opponent’s cups containing water or some other drink (preferably some alcohol). If they manage to do it correctly, its owner must drink that cup before moving on to another game (rock-paper-scissors). However, if the player fails to make it on his turn, they must take off one item of clothing. This continues until the first place becomes too indecent to clothe the game entirely.

King’s Cup

This old game dates back to the ’80s, but it’s still around today, with some modifications. The goal of this game is simple: get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. Here are the rules in a nutshell: a standard 52-card deck is used, each suit has no difference between them. The first dealer is chosen at random, and the turn will rotate in a clockwise direction. Cards are shuffled well before every game. Three cards are dealt for every player (a total of six). Every time someone gets rid of their cards, they must drink. Once you’re out of cards, everyone else still in play will have to drink. Once all players are out, which can happen quickly because there isn’t any strategy involved, the last person who’s still in play will become the next dealer.

Flip Cup

This game needs little explanation. It’s pretty straightforward, like beer pong, but it involves full cups instead of ping pong balls. There are only a few rules that need to be followed for this game: at least three players per table, and everyone has to use an equal amount of full cups before starting. Once everything’s set up, follow these steps: Player A flips his cup, so its mouth is facing upwards. Player B flips his cup, so its mouth points towards player A. Players C, D, E, and F do the same for their cups. If any of the players’ cups were to fall over during this game, that person has to drink them all before restarting. Step two then continues until everyone’s out. When there’s only one cup left standing after everyone finished drinking theirs, that last person wins.

There’s no better way to bond with your friends than by sharing a few drinks and playing some fun games that will not only make the experience more interactive but one that will leave you in stitches. Just remember, don’t drink too much, or else you might forget these rules and lose a friend or two along the way.