WhatsApp is the most used and loved instant messenger app in the world today. With its straightforward use, people prefer WhatsApp over other apps. WhatsApp is a multipurpose messenger app where along with chatting and calling, you can do a lot more. You can send videos, pictures, and voice messages. There is an option of customizing the appearance of WhatsApp by putting wallpapers and themes. You can also update your status to keep your contacts up to date.

WhatsApp Mods

Today, many mods of WhatsApp developed by different developers around the globe to make the use of WhatsApp more amazing and easy. There are some really great modded WhatsApps like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, and many more.

These WhatsApp mods come with some great features that are beyond the original WhatsApp. You can change every tiny bit of settings in WhatsApp mods. From messages to status to blue ticks, you can change everything in these modded WhatsApps.

These WhatsApp mods can be handy to you in many ways, but they can be harmful as unauthorized developers develop them. So in this article, we will be discussing if these WhatsApp mods are harmful or not. If yes, then what harm can they do.

Are WhatsApp Mods Harmful For Your Device?

The WhatsApp mods are created by unauthentic developers. The mods are not even available on the Google play store because they are unauthorized and unofficial. These mods are good only for use, but they provide zero security and can be harmful.

Let’s discuss what harm can these mods of WhatsApp do.

Threat to Messages

WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc., comes with no guarantee of security and privacy of your messages. The messages and conversations you have through these mods can be unsafe. It is not sure that your messages, casual or essential and personal, are not going through some third-party server. That later can be used against you very easily.

Mods are Harmful

With WhatsApp mods installed in your devices, it is not sure that any malware is installed through the app or maybe the website with their installation. There are high chances that with these mods installed, your data is going to some third-party server that can be harmful. These mods are not official and provide zero security, so the risk of data leakage is high.

Mods are Unofficial

WhatsApp itself does not develop these WhatsApp mods. These mods are not illegal but unofficial. This is the reason why they are not available on the Google play store. They can not be verified or certified official because of the threats they contain. They can harm your device by installing malware and spyware that leads to data loss.

Risk of Getting Banned

According to playapkpro, As these WhatsApp mods are unofficial. The authentic and official version of WhatsApp can ban your account from using these mods. WhatsApp restricts its users from using modded WhatsApps. If you will use these modded WhatsApps, there is a high risk of your account being banned. You can get your WhatsApp account back by not installing the original WhatsApp. You will not get your account back by installing another modded WhatsApp.


Updates for your modded WhatsApp are not available on the Google play store. This is because it is an unofficial app, and the Google play store does not provide any service for them. You need to download the updated version of the modded WhatsApp to update it.

Ads in Mods

Modded WhatsApp may include ads. The official WhatsApp does not allow any ads in them. The original and official version is free from ads. The mods for WhatsApp do not assure us of advertisements in them. They can include ads to generate revenue.


Hacking these WhatsApps is very easy. As they provide no security, anyone can hack your account at any time and use your data and information. The mods of WhatsApp are not safe and secure. They can provide privacy within the app, but they do not provide security and privacy for our account. There is no surety that your data is not going to someone else.

Final Words

WhatsApp mods come with unique features that allow you to customize your WhatsApp the way you like. There is always a threat of data loss and malware for your device. Now it is up to you to use them and stay on the brick of risk and harm or use the official and safe WhatsApp with few features but the same purpose.

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