FinTech, cryptocurrency and blockchain are the current buzzwords in the financial word which are causing disruption globally. As these technologies become more mainstream, there is a concurrent need for entrepreneurs and specialists to cope with the demands as SMEs and business begin to adopt them. According to Transparency Market Research, the global P2P lending market opportunity is expected to grow from US$ 26.16 billion in 2015 to worth US$ 897.85 billion by 2024.

One such specialist who is gearing for the FinTech world is Wajeeha Hussain, a PhD student at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. Wajeeha recently presented and moderated on the topic of “FinTech Entrepreneurship in Bahrain” She also contributed towards a workshop on “Entrepreneurship in the FinTech (Financial Technology) field”. It aimed at helping participants to understand the entrepreneurial aspects of the FinTech ecosystem in the Kingdom Bahrain in light of newly introduced crowdfunding regulations including Shariah compliant P2B financing platforms. The workshop was part of series of events held in February 2018 as part of Ta’a Al Shabab Festival which was organized by Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.

Wajeeha’s contribution to the FinTech body of knowledge emanated from her research topic “The adoption of Shariah compliant Peer-to-Business (P-to-B) Financing Platforms”. Prof. Siva Muthaly, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Wajeeha’s research supervisor added that “Wajeeha’s research aims to explore SME perceptions towards this relatively new form of financing, as many factors influence SME behavior and decision towards adoption. The outcome from this research is a suitable strategic framework for FinTechs that will offer Shariah Compliant P2B financing platforms”.

Wajeeha Hussain is one of the pioneers in engaging FinTech with Shariah-compliant P2B platforms
Wajeeha Hussain is one of the pioneers in engaging FinTech with Shariah-compliant P2B platforms

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