As we all know – Sri Lanka is small tropical country in the Indian ocean and it was chosen Number 1 travel destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet magazine. Growth of interest and tourist inflow made a lot of people dream to start their own business in Sri Lanka or join one. People from all over the world are interested in different industries & sectors of business as well as in social projects run in this country.

Maybe you are one of them?

The question many face with their Sri Lankan dream is how to start or join business/social projects here?

How to find decent projects and people to work with? Is there any community or online resource to help people find right connections & leads?

There are online resources available such as,,,, and many others. Some of them are offering work on exchange basis for accommodation & food, some of them offering some particular industries as farming work or house helping, some of them are listing vacancies from big & small companies in Sri Lanka โ€“ all of them are truly amazing in their own way.

Still if you donโ€™t want to work for accommodation, go for full time job, help with cleaning house or farm? What if you are dreaming to open own project or join business or social initiative as equal partner or investor? There was no platform for this type of projects before!

Today we are introducing our new platform which was created October 1st 2018 and already attracted people from more than 40 countries around the world โ€“

IDEATOR.LK is a platform where anyone with an idea can engage, or if you have some skills and want to contribute towards a meaningful Idea, or if you just like to be inspired by an idea or even Invest in one. is an open market space where anyone can post any of their own ideas. They can be just in a thought stage – concept stage – launch stage – early growth & Growth stage. It can be โ€œmillion dollars worthโ€ Idea or just small Idea which can make difference for 1 family income.  It can be Business or Social Ideas. We believe even small Ideas are worth sharing & getting support. And itโ€™s literally first platform which is giving this opportunity free of charge for everyone.

As mentioned above was founded recently so it is startup itself. There was great opportunity for us to participate on National Startup Challenge and be chosen as 1 of 30 most promising startups in Sri Lanka 2018.

How the idea to create a platform of this nature was born? Like lots of genius things in the world it was born in the kitchen. While having a cup of coffee with friends we were discussing different ideas and were feeling sorry we donโ€™t have space to meet like-minded people and make this discussion more productive and regular. So we have created Idea Club Sri Lanka ( ).

Idea Club is an open space that provides entrepreneurs and business people a place to meet, collaborate and grow in an organic manner. Anyone can join us at Idea Club monthly meetups to share their Ideas.

After few successful meetups we have seen really big number of Ideas and most of them are not becoming reality. One of the reasons โ€“ nobody knows those ideas are existing. Thatโ€™s where was born.

From legal perspective the platform and community “Idea Club Sri Lanka” are an initiative projects of – a Business & Training company.

Each individual posting an Idea holds complete ownership and responsibility of the Idea and platform has no involvement/benefits with any of the ideas apart from being the space where the idea is being shared.

Each person posting the idea has complete control over their Idea’s confidentiality and can choose how much or what information they would like to share about their Idea on the public space.

Important norms we are following: we will not approve of any Ideas associated with: hate, discrimination, pornography, politics & illegal businesses or any ideas of harmful nature. We intend to create a peaceful and comfortable space for all users. is a social project as well. It helps small & medium size businesses & social initiatives to grow. That type of initiatives are not interesting for big angel investors but can be life changing opportunity for small investors or individuals wanted to join projects. We are not limiting this community to metropolises. We initiate this model with Sri Lanka giving Sri Lankans from around the Island one platform where they can showcase their ideas to the world, while networking and collaborating with the likeminded people.

We are doing our best to make more people to know about our platform. It will increase awareness about different Ideas & projects and get them chance to succeed and find what they are looking for. And it will let people from all over the world start their own projects in Sri Lanka.

Join and make your Srilankan dream Reality!

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