AMZ Tracker is a piece of software that is meant to aid Amazon sellers in a number of ways. It is a very specialized piece of software, but also a very versatile tool at the same time. One of the first things you might notice is its large amount of features and benefits that are offered. Still, it is worth asking the question: Is it really worthwhile to use this software? Will it actually increase your selling revenue and pay for itself? Let’s consider that question carefully.

It’s All About The Metrics

Some people refer to this kind of software as “product research software.” However, this term is not entirely accurate. It would be more accurate to say that AMZ Tracker (and similar pieces of software) are all about gathering accurate metrics so that you can make better business decisions. Most of their functionality comes down to that one critical concept.

AMZ Tracker allows you to track:

  • Sales
  • Revenue (by time period)
  • Ranking (against direct competitors)
  • Keyword SEO rankings
  • Promotions
  • Pricing

Most people seem to agree that the keyword SEO features are the most useful. When you look at your place on a standard page of search results, you are seeing your likelihood of attracting customers. Remember, most people don’t scroll past the first page. Even if people do scroll into the later pages, they will start encountering a lot more irrelevant results and will quickly be discouraged. As a result, a low place in the search results can make it very difficult for potential customers to find you.

Why SEO Matters So Much

Search engines (including the internal one employed by make use of keywords to identify the most relevant results. Thus, by using words with higher SEO rankings, you can bump your listing a little higher. AMZ Tracker is generally agreed to be an excellent SEO research tool. Being able to get those figures quickly and easily is a definite benefit. AMZ uses a search engine called “Deepwords” that is specifically tailored to keyword tracking.

Email Automation

Apart from all the metrics, AMZ also provides an email automation feature. This can be utilized in a lot of ways, most of which are promotional. When you are trying to inform previous customers about goods in which they might be interested, an automated email system can do it automatically. Needless to say, no large-scale seller would have the time to do all this manually.

This kind of thing can also be very helpful when it comes to your customer reviews. Even a few bad reviews can make you look bad, and unhappy people will always be more vocal than satisfied customers. Satisfied customers will not be emotionally motivated to write a good review. On the other hand, an unsatisfied customer will be all too willing to write a bad one.

Email automation can be used to remind your satisfied customers that you can help them out by writing a positive review. You might even elect to offer a small discount for their trouble.

Security Features

AMZ Tracker also claims to have some good built-in security. Specifically, it has a feature that is meant to detect if someone has hijacked your listing. This type of thing can happen in a number of ways. Sometimes, a person will make and sell a counterfeit version of your product. Obviously, since this is just a cut-and-run operation, they will be selling a very low-quality product. Thus, they will not only steal sales away from you, but they will also affect the reputation of your brand.

It is good that AMZ Tracker has attempted to handle this problem, but we have no way to know how well it works. Everything that we can find indicates that this tool is indeed able to detect hijacking in the majority of known cases. However, it doesn’t really do anything except alert you to suspicious activity. You still have to work with Amazon in order to address the problem. Still, one cannot deny its utility.


So far, we have concentrated on the benefits of AMZ Tracker. Now that you understand those, it is time to talk about the costs. Thus, you should be able to weigh the benefits against the cost. The pricing is a rather complex subject, however, because they have multiple tiers from which you can choose.

The basic plan is $50.00 per month, which is quite affordable when you consider its many uses. The Professional plan is $100.00 per month, while the “god mode” plan is $200.00 a month. You can also get the “legend” plan for $400.00 per month. So, what is the difference? Well, here is the thing: Most of AMZ Tracker’s features cannot be used on an unlimited basis. They can only be used a certain number of times per month, and those numbers can sometimes be pretty low. This is a significant downside.

Conclusion: Too Expensive For Most

Although AMZ Tracker offers a lot of features, we really don’t find the steep price tag to be worth its benefits. There are probably some better options out there, as the concept of this software is a very good one. In fact, everyone seems to agree that it performs its intended functions very well. However, the owners have paywalled and severely limited these features in an attempt to squeeze more money from the customer, and that is not acceptable.

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