Taking paid surveys is an easy way to make a little extra money. All you need is a smartphone or computer and internet. You can literally make money from the comfort of your home and you will not be required to do anything illegal.

As a survey taker, you will need to provide your thoughts about a product or service and in return, you get compensation for your time. It is a great way to make some extra cash without having to get a second job or pick up extra shifts.

Before you go on to sign up on paid survey sites, here are some key things you need to know.

Taking Paid Surveys Require Patience

In order to make money from paid surveys, you need to be patient and consistent. You will not get rich overnight. Depending on the survey sites you choose to use and how fast you are able to complete surveys, you might be able to make about $50 a month. Most survey sites pay between $0.50 and $5.00 per survey. Shorter surveys pay less and on some sites, you have to complete a number of short surveys to qualify for longer ones.

This does not mean that paid surveys are a write-off. It is still an easy, flexible and convenient way of making money. And it is legal too.

Study the Fine Print

It is essential that you study the fine print and understand the necessary details of taking paid surveys before you set off. You do not want to sign up on a paid survey site and start taking surveys without understanding how they work.

For example, most paid survey sites pay about the same amount per survey. But, their means of payment differ. Some sites pay via PayPal while some pay with Amazon gift cards. You should also check out the pay threshold of ach website so you know how much you need to earn before you can cash your pay.

Another important factor to consider and learn about is the siteโ€™s disqualification protocol. Some paid survey sites do not pay for surveys that you do not qualify for. And, some pay for your time even if you do not qualify for the survey you took.

You should also check to ensure that you have access to customer support. That way, you can always reach the website when you need help dealing with certain issues like receiving payments.

All these and more are some of the essential fine print you need to understand before signing up on a paid survey site.

Maximize Your Earnings By Registering on Many Sites

For you to make more money taking paid surveys, it is best to become a member of many paid survey sites. This helps ensure that there is no shortage of surveys to take. You should sign up for three or four paid survey sites. This helps you have multiple streams of income.

Some of the best paid survey websites are:

  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints
  • Survey Junkie
  • Vindale Research etc.

Use An Extra Email Address

When registering on paid survey websites, it is advisable to sign up with a different email address. This helps ensure that your main email inbox does not become cluttered.

You can create a new email address just for this purpose.

Draw Up A Schedule

Once you have done your research and selected the paid survey websites you want to work with, you will need to have a work schedule. This is another important way to maximize your earnings. Your schedule should have a daily, weekly and monthly paid survey goal. This way, you can easily work towards achieving your goals.

For example, you can make it a goal to dedicate two hours out of your internet surfing time to taking paid surveys. Depending on your schedule, you can also choose to take paid surveys only on weekends. Deciding what works best for you is up to you. Since taking paid surveys is a very flexible job that can be done anywhere, it will be easy for you to come up with a schedule that best suits your lifestyle.

Be Honest In Your Responses

Companies who pay people to take surveys do not do it for fun. They genuinely want to know what you think about their product or service. This is why it is important that you provide honest feedback when taking paid surveys. So ensure that your responses are as informative and detailed as possible.

Also, the better the more honest your responses are, the more companies will want to access your insights and data for future questions. 

As mentioned earlier, taking paid surveys online is a simple, legal and effective way to make money. So do your research, draw up a schedule and remember to always give honest and detailed responses.

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