Being a Corporate woman is fascinating, you’re independent, confident and is always on the run. Which means transportation plays a pretty big role. Let’s be honest here, it’s Sri Lanka, not all of us have our own private vehicle. It’s either the packed up public bus or the ‘even-worse’ train ride. So get yourself a tuk tuk ladies! Just simple!

However as a working woman travelling in tuk tuks, there are certain things one should be aware about. It’s your daily transport method so knowing the tactics in and out is important. So let’s take a look.

Check for the Meter!

First things first. Make sure you get into a metered taxi. Most tuk tuks in Sri Lanka have adapted to meters by now, but still there are few which haven’t. If it’s a neighborhood three wheel driver with a fixed amount for your ride, that’s fine. But it’s important to get the payment amount clear before you get into an unmetered tuk tuk. So ask for the meter first, and get in.

Look out for the creeps

Yes, tuk tuk creeps exist. Harassment is very low, but there are possibilities. Always make sure to get a good look of the driver of the wheeler you’re getting in to. Spotting a shady guy is not rocket science. Let’s say it’s a no-choice situation, remember to stay on alert. If you feel stranger danger get off from a convenient place and get another tuk. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Protect your Hairdo

One thing about being a corporate working woman is, maintaining appearances. Touchups and hairdos are quite necessary on a day to day basis, you never know when you’ve got to run for a sudden meeting! A Tuk tuk is an open vehicle with a hood so prepare for the natural air which means hair everywhere as well. So on a big day make sure to protect your hairdo (which is quite impossible) or just pick an UBER or a cab for the ride.

Avoid Diesel Engines

Yes, if you have ever gone on Sri Lankan Piaggios you’d understand the struggles and discomfort of the ride. The engine practically vibrates under you and the size of the vehicle is pretty unusual. Especially if you’re conceived or have vibration phobias, avoid the diesels.

Half opened Rain Covers

Tuk tuks are wide open from around, hence why when it’s rainy, the driver puts up a thick curtain at the sides so you don’t get rain drops smacking on you. However, just keep in mind for safety reasons, not to let the driver zip up both the covers.

  • Reason 1 – You are in a vulnerable position
  • Reason 2 – The packed up feeling could make your nauseated (Imagine that on a busy Monday morning! No Thank you)


So there you go! The stuff you need to know about Sri Lankan tuk tuks as a working woman. Now all you have to do is, buckle up your independent self and get going (Also, tuks don’t have seat belts by the way)

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