Functional Medicine in Chicago uses a different approach to cure an illness or chronic condition. It is the method of analyzing several factors to help get to the bottom of the issue; this includes analyzing the environment, family history, genetics, biochemistry, physiology. It uses a comprehensive approach to first figure out the true reason for the medical condition and then treats the condition by targeting the main cause of the disease.

Main Principle of Functional Medicine

  • It works under the assumption that everyone is genetically and biochemically unique. It is a personalized treatment that targets the individual and not the disease and supports the normal healing mechanism of the body.
  • It is a highly scientific process involving a complicated network of relationships that inspects the deep functioning of the body.
  • This process treats the body as intelligent, self-regulating and something that expresses itself by providing a dynamic balance of all body systems.
  • The implements the concept that the body has natural healing properties and an ability to fight back against all diseases.
  • The concept of being healthy is not simply being well; this treatment views it as a state of excellent vitality.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

There are several benefits of functional medicine as listed here:

  • It is a good treatment for those suffering from fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  • It can treat several diseases like arthritis, autoimmune diseases, depression, diabetes, obesity, and several other chronic conditions.
  • It targets the root cause of the disease, unlike other treatments that are meant to fix the symptoms.
  • It is very useful for cardiometabolic, neurological and psychiatric conditions. 
  • It helps people with digestive and skin disorders as well as hormonal problems.

Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

Functional medicine is different from traditional medicine in many ways since it examines the system biology of the body. It implements several concepts of integrative medicine. This includes nutritional supplements, meditation, and acupuncture. It supports a process of natural healing by implementing a good diet, exercise, integrative medicine as per an individual’s needs.

The traditional medical treatment is more to do with the symptoms and heavily relies on lab tests and prescription medicine. This is a more general approach towards treating a patient to cure them.

The main aim of functional medicine is to restore the natural balance through a good diet, exercise, and medical treatment. It also includes medication, but only getting to the root of the problem and hence it is a more patient-centered approach.

How does it work?

The way this works is the doctor will spend time with their patients to discuss the medical symptoms, diet, exercise patterns, traumas, lifestyle, and exposure to toxins if any. This helps them understand the root cause of the illness including various factors that the patient is vulnerable too.

This also includes inspecting the genetic makeup and environmental influence in order to heal the patient. It checks for multiple imbalances and the type of treatment that is required. For example, it is possible to treat obesity which may be due to an imbalance of inflammation, hormones, gut flora, diet, genetics, exercise or exposure to diverse environments & toxins.

What to expect Doctor at Wellness Clinic

The doctors practicing this type of treatment tend to spend more time with you and help prioritize important decisions. This is not a rushed treatment more like a process to make you feel more comfortable.  Some of the strategies adopted include the following:

  • Macro Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Physical Activity
  • Male & Female Hormone Therapy
  • Gut Repair and Healing

Important Facts

  • It is a more comprehensive approach to treating a medical condition.ย 
  • It is an alternative to traditional medicine with the basic principle of providing a custom treatment to everyone.
  • The popular functional treatments include sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), craniosacral therapy, infusion therapy, infrared sauna.

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