Your business should be known to people around you through monument signs. Whether you are in housing properties, commercial properties, or parks, monument signs will make people remember you easier. Know more about them in this link here.

Monument signs are freestanding stones or concretes that contain a business name. The words are visible at ground level which makes passers-by see them easily and effortlessly. They can be made of stone, iron, or concrete. Businesses that have this project the image of classiness, dependability, and elegance. If you are a business owner, these qualities are the message that you might want to show your existing customers as well as your potential clients.

Nowadays, these business landmarks do not only consist of stone and an engraved name. They can also include lightings for better visibility and branding. They can include molded plastics that suit the business’ style and themes. They don’t only contain words, some include images, logos, and emblems for easier company identification. Here are other reasons why you should get this.

Benefits of Monument Signs

Look of Sophistication

There’s something sophisticated and elegant on a company name that is carved on a rock. When a building has a tailored and custom-made monument signs Canada that is made in stone, it creates a positive first impression. The masonry of stones and bricks adds a classic look to the business’ image. Their signs also project a solid and stable impression of the business. Sophistication and classiness bring more clients in the long run. This is an absolute win to the company’s sustainability goals.


The signs can be made according to the specifications of the proprietor. The builders can custom-build something that is specific to the requirements of their client. This can convey a look, idea, or message that promotes the business. Every sign is unique and different, and their versatility can be attractive to a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Easy to Remember 

When people go in a place near your company, your sign will serve as a landmark for them. This is because the landmarks are generally visible on highways and roads. They are prominent and large even at a distance. People will know more about your company and it is a kind of good branding since if there are meetups, they can mention your company because can serve as a kind of marker to the other person.

Good Return on Investment

When you consider the cost of the sign and the value that they can provide over the years, you will realize that this is really an inexpensive option. This can definitely add value at a very low cost. For a landmark with great landscapes, people will always look for your company every time they are in the area. A great example for this is the growing allure of monument signs in Canada.


Monument Signs
Image by Aline Dassel from Pixabay
  • When you are a business owner who want to have a custom-made design, you choose the words which you will add on your monument base. There are custom-made landmark cabinets that can provide you with colored graphics and attractive copywriting. You just need to ask your builder for those.
  • Carved designs can evoke timelines. You can add milestones on the monument if you want especially if you reach achievements or anniversaries.
  • You can opt to get 3D letterings that will be more visible no matter what time of the day it is. These channel letters can also be illuminated to have easier visibility at night.
  • Add LED message boards to cater to your clients’ ever-changing needs. For example, if you are a business park, you can add discount sales that are currently happening inside the establishment to attract more clients. 

Make your company stand out from all the noise by building a monument sign. If you have a design in mind, you can contact a builder and discuss your options. You can choose to get your business name placed at the front of your park or housing development so that people will easily see you.

Your company can be well-known for years if your sign is established. If you couple it with a great landscape, rest assured that your business is going to get curious stares from passers-by. It can even translate to more clients in the future.

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