4me publishes its new integration between its IT service management (ITSM) solution and identity and access management (IAM) system of SailPoint therefore, it is known as 4me SailPoint Connector. This new integration system gives an instant integration between different workflows of the 4me tool and SailPoints application access provisioning functionality hence plays a crucial role in setting up IT infrastructure.

Highlighted Features Of This New Integration By 4me Management Tool

In this integration, the organization’s employees utilize 4me’s self-service to access an application linked to the identity and access management (IAM) software. Its brilliant workflow assures that all the relevant and important approvals are collected efficiently. Moreover, when the request by 4me is approved, the right access rights are provisioned automatically through IdentityNow. This results in eliminating any mistake that may occur in giving access though it improves request handling very well.

Apart from that, this new integration from 4me also makes sure that employees can easily use Self Service for every request; therefore, they no need to access a separate portal when required to access the organization’s application services.

Have a Look On 4me’s Partner Called Joosty-IT

The integration was made and regulated by Joost-IT, which counts among the most trustworthy and reliable partners of 4me. They collaboratively build various chain measures into the connectors to ensure services should continue to work even after the updation of the applications handled by either IdenetityNow or Network interruptions.

Setting Up The Connector

After understanding the importance and significant applications of the 4me that handled in SailPoint, and its role and real-time integration are established between both systems to assure that relevant data is passed from 4me to SailPoint at the optimum time; consequently, mapping is created.

If you are new to this setup, no need to worry, they have the proper guidance that will help you set up a properly functioning connector. Once you have successfully access the account, and after configuration, it will automatically detect the connector to ensure it should not be affected by any news release from either side of the connector.

Real-time assessment of information makes a real difference. With 4me management services built for support, however, you will experience and access most of the services directly from their workstation.

Get 50% Less Administration With 4me

  • 4me Self Services allows the customers to get registered and track their request status.
  • Highly efficient Request grouping lets the user manage serious problems with 10 times fast speed.
  • Automated workflow through Change manager saves customers time.
  • Efficiently detect serious issues for the fast response.

Do You Want To Avail These Amazing Management Tools?

After reading all the Connector’s astonishing performance, I am sure you plan to buy this offer. The 4me SailPoint Connector is available globally from all the 4me partner organizations. More information regarding the Advance IT service management (ITSM) solution and identity and access management (IAM) system can be found in the 4me SailPoint Connector product brochure.

The formal press release about the 4me SailPoint Connector is available on Newswire.

Summarizing All The What 4me Offers To Their Customers

  • Fast global response time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ready to use setup
  • Offers vast availability
  • Great support for whole range of IT and enterprise management services

Final Verdicts

4me and SailPoint are dedicated to making service organizations more efficient by creating solutions that integrate common services in one single platform.  It just makes sense to integrate these solutions.  Our solution is created to require only a single setup moment.  After that, any changes in roles or profiles in IdentityNow are automatically available within the 4me environment.

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