Office management is a field that grows exponentially as more companies grow – startups included. Office managers are crucial to the smooth operations of the office and sustainable growth of the entire organization. In fact, great office managers are in high demand, which is why a career in office management is something worth considering.

Before you jump right into this field and pursue a career as an office manager, you need to be certain that you have what it takes to be a solid performer in this field. There are certain traits, skills, and other things you need to stay ahead as an office manager.

Good Management Skills

As the title suggests, you have to be a rock star manager to separate yourself from other office managers. This means knowing how to assess issues, find the best solutions for them, and leading the office towards mutual objectives.

A good office manager must also be an effective team builder. Not only do you need to supervise the office and maintain smooth operations, you also have to stimulate team members to deliver their best performance.

To top it all off, you need good communication skills. In order to keep things organized and running smoothly, you need to be able to direct people in an effective yet likeable manner.

Continuous Learning

Being an office manager means learning new things and becoming the forefront of innovation. Aside from picking up new skills and staying up to date with industry updates, you also want to continue sharpening your office management skills.

When it comes to office manager conferences, 2019 has a lot in store. The Culture Summit is just around the corner and the PERKS Convention will be held in different cities this year. You can learn more about these conferences from Bevi. The company supports these conferences with their all-in-one beverage service.

You also have short courses and online programs on your side. Today, you donโ€™t need to attend classes to learn new skills or get certified. Online courses from websites like Udemy are perfect for professionals who want to pick up new skills to support their careers.

Technical and Financial Know-How

To complete the set of skills needed to excel in this field, we have the must-have technical and financial skills. Office managers need to be able to budget for different operational needs and manage the allocated budget correctly. You also want to sharpen your report and document preparation skills for the job.

What makes office managers different than finance and accounting executives is the broader view managers have of the whole operation. Budgeting is important, but your real role as an office manager is finding ways to reduce expenses, boost operational efficiency, and streamline workflows.

Having good technical skills, especially skills related to office resource management, is also a must. Your job is so much more than deciding who gets to use the meeting room and other facilities, and the technical skills you pick up will help you fulfill your role as an office manager fully.

To stay ahead in your career as an office manager, these are the skills and knowledge to have. Paired with experience handling different situations, you will be a fantastic office manager that is exceptional at what you do.