Sleep apnea can be considered a serious medical problem. A diagnosis is a step in the right direction, however, because there still exists a large majority of people who remain undiagnosed, with no idea that treatment is needed. A poorly managed case of sleep apnea can result in disastrous situations. Read on for simple ways to combat this disorder, get better sleep and increase total wellness.

Proper Equipment

Your physician would most likely have directed you to purchase a CPAP, or BiPAP machine. In the obstructive form of the disorder, excessive relaxing of the throat muscles cause the airways to become narrower. Therefore, a CPAP machine is used to deliver a continuous flow of pressurized air through the nose and mouth. For persons who find the air delivered by the CPAP machine too forceful, the BiPAP option offers two levels of air. A higher one on breathing in while a lower level of pressurized air is delivered on expiration.

There are some things to keep in mind when using either of these machines. Even though they come medically recommended, certain tips for using sleep apnea equipment should be shared for maximum benefit. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned before and after every use. The moisture generated by the humidity of breath serves as a perfect environment for the breeding of bacteria. Donโ€™t compound your sleep issue with an infection. A sanitizing bag can be used effectively to determine if all bacteria have been eradicated.

Get comfortable with wearing the face mask while youโ€™re up and active. See if the fit and size are correct to avoid leakage of air. Try doing relaxing activities like watching television while wearing it to test your level of comfort. Initially, it may be a bit uncomfortable, but that should decrease with time.

Start Your Weightloss Journey

If you are overweight or obese, try weight loss measures. Incorporate more physical exercise into your day. Reform your diet. Ingest more vegetables, fiber, and fruit. Consult a nutritionist for a specialized meal plan. You would want to reduce your weight to increase your chances of beating this disorder naturally. Fat, especially surrounding the neck, can compound the issue and make it increasingly difficult to breathe by further narrowing the airways.

Decreasing weight into the normal range for your height, weight, and age can save you from future upper airway corrective surgery. Surgery as a treatment is the last resort. Try your best and do what you can to avoid needing this.

Consider Your Sleeping Positions

Studies have shown that approximately half of persons with sleep apnea suffer from this ailment only because of how they sleep. A change in positioning miraculously and immediately relieves the symptoms. No costly surgery, no need for machines.

For adults, adopting a sideways position of sleeping will greatly diminish if not eradicate any issues related to this disorder. Alternatively, for children, laying them on their backs helps them get better, uninterrupted sleep. Try out this simple remedy, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Try A Humidifier

Humidifiers bring back moisture to the air. Dry air can worsen breathing problems and as a result sleep disorders. A balance must be reached, however, as too much humidity can result in extra condensation which could make your room stuffy and can lead to the growth of bacteria.

A finely tuned humidifier works to add just enough moisture to the air, keeping your airways open for easy breathing and more peaceful sleep. For greater effects, add eucalyptus or even peppermint oil for added anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and ant-fungal benefits.

Kick Toxic Habits

The list of reasons why drinking alcohol and smoking are bad for your health continues to lengthen. Both are attributed to inflammation of the airways. Alcohol goes a step further and is linked to the relaxation of throat muscles, the very cause of obstructive sleep apnea. Ditching these habits could be the move that frees you from the grasp of this disorder.

Entertainment, fun, and boredom should not be reasons to put yourself at risk. Research has proved the link between these factors and sleep apnea. What more convincing do you need to quit?

Sleep apnea doesnโ€™t need to provoke anxiety in your life. As you would have read, simple steps can make a huge difference and be the way out of this disorder. Lifestyle changes are of huge importance. Work on your weight, quit smoking, and excessive drinking. If there is a need for equipment, ensure your machines are kept clean. Add a humidifier with key essential oils for more benefits.

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