You already advertise your company through Instagram. Only, after being followed by your own friends and working hard on the first photos, you notice that the number of followers remains static. Does it sound familiar to you? In this article, discover how to get more followers on Instagram with eight simple tips for using the social network as an impact channel. Today, you can find various tips to increase your followers, including how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.
With more than 400 million monthly active users and with only five years of existence, Instagram became the second largest social network in the world in the number of users, losing only to Facebook, which in 2012, became the owner of the platform.

The social network allows companies the attention of the target audience and reinforces the institutional image since it is possible to dialogue with clients and disseminate services and values through images, videos, and interaction.
But not only that. If used properly, Instagram can attract consumers, functioning as a virtual marketing platform. The recent ad system is an example of the social network paying special attention to brands.
Some segments attract more through images, such as fashion, travel, art, and lifestyle. The profiles of the companies with representative images, which interact with the followers giving advice and idealizing dreams, will attract many ‘likes’ and they will follow them, having the opportunity to transmit the message of the brand and even promotional.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Below you will find 8 practices to have more followers on Instagram, increasing the impact and visibility of your products and services.

1. Create associations

Find out who influences your target audience and create partnerships to promote your products, services, and events. In this way, you make the business legitimate in the eyes of those who follow these popular people.

2. Invest in Ads

Instagram allows companies to create videos of up to 30 seconds with the “buy now” or “install now” buttons, which stimulate target users to interact with the company. The audience can be defined through insights similar to those of Facebook Ads.

3. Attention to Content

It is necessary to create quality content that is aligned with the language of the platform and your target audience. This can be done through original photos, memes, videos … it all depends on the people you want to conquer.

4. Add the Place of Publication

According to research conducted by the Simply Measured company, adding the place of publication tends to increase attention by 79%.

5. Interact With Similar Profiles

Start following profiles with common interests, give them likes and comment on their photos. Oftentimes, that contributes to getting more followers on Instagram.

6. Get Out of the Traditional

Just because everyone is doing something does not mean that you should do the same. Try to create your own language of interaction with your audience and bet on original content that attracts attention.

7. Use hashtags

The advice is old but still valuable. Do not economize on the number of hashtags of the publications, as these increase visibility and allow you to conquer new users. A good tool to identify trends is

8. And the last one is you need to use Followers Gallery!

Why Followers Gallery?

Followers Gallery is an Instagram auto liker without login. This means that this application can be run without direct access to your Instagram account. Followers Gallery has a very simple working principle; You follow and like and you are followed and liked. Very simple, right?

You can run this simple concept without the Followers Gallery but it won’t be effective because there will always be people who don’t follow you after being followed. Followers Gallery ensures that all parties involved are treated fairly.

Once you join, you will be given a number of tasks to complete. These tasks are basically following and liking other users’ Instagram accounts. After completing these tasks, you will be given a number of coins that can be exchanged for free Instagram likes and followers. The number of coins you can earn is unlimited, it depends on how many you follow and like. This application is a virus-free app so it is very safe. It runs on all smartphones Android and iPhone making this very practical.

If you run the 8 tips above seriously then you will get satisfying results in no time.

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