Dodge is definitely a recognizable vehicle brand. You’ll see tons of them on the road, and the latest models are much in demand. If you are thinking about buying a truck, this may be the one you choose.

There are several Dodge Ram dealers, Utah residents, and you may want to visit one this year. If you are on the fence, though, you should check out these reasons why American truckers are raving about this model and brand.

They Are Reasonably Priced

A 2023 Dodge Ram starts at under $40,000 if you want a brand-new one. That is quite reasonable if you look at this model versus its top competitors.

You can get one of these vehicles, and the cost won’t break the bank. That’s certainly something worth considering.

They Come with Many Trim Packages

If you look at the different Dodge Ram options that the typical dealership will have, you should be able to locate one with all of the features you want. If you are amenable to shelling out a bit more money, you can grab one with a trim package that meets your needs. You might even order one customized from the manufacturer.

They Have Excellent Off-Roading Capabilities

You might see commercials with Dodge Rams bouncing along rugged mountain roads. If you buy one, though, you will see that these images are not an exaggeration.

You can take a Dodge Ram camping and get to where you are going by heading up steep inclines or over uneven terrain. You can go camping every weekend with it if you like.

They Have Better-than-Expected Fuel Economy

You can get 23 city miles per gallon with a Dodge Ram, which isn’t bad, but you can also get 33 miles per gallon on the highway. That is competitive in this vehicle’s class. You can expect to get up to 624 miles on a full tank under optimal conditions.

They’re Visually Attractive

Let’s face it: part of the reason why you likely want a truck is so you can show it off. Some trucks don’t look like much, while others have aesthetic appeal.

You can put Dodge Ram in this second category. The signature wide body and impressive grille are topped off by the iconic ram’s head logo. When someone sees it, they will have no doubt you bought the best truck on the market.

It Has Plenty of Cargo Space

The modern Dodge Ram was designed for individuals who like to bring a lot with them from place to place. That applies if you’re loading up tents and sleeping bags, groceries, or taking construction supplies to the jobsite. You will find this vehicle to be spacious, whether you’re using it for work or play.

They Retain Their Resale Value Well

If you ever decide that you’re ready to move on from your latest Dodge Ram, you will discover that these vehicles hold their resale value. That’s assuming, of course, that you took good care of it while you owned it.

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