If you get into DIY, you may find you like it. As a homeowner, there are DIY projects that can beautify your home. However, you can also do some DIY projects for fun and relaxation.

Learning to weld opens up many possibilities. Weโ€™ll talk about some fun welding projects you can try as an amateur in this article.

Try Making Some Angle Irons

Making an angle iron is a great way to start your journey as an amateur welder. Angle irons make an โ€œLโ€ shape, with one shorter piece and one longer section jutting out.

You can master creating angle irons before you move on to more complex projects. Angle irons are usually part of more complicated projects, so creating one establishes that you can tackle more ambitious endeavors.

The Horseshoe Coat Rack

This is one of the easier welding projects you can attempt. You need some old horseshoes and a piece of straight metal to which youโ€™ll weld them.

Once youโ€™ve completed your horseshoe coat rack, you can display it in your front hall at home, or maybe you will give one to a friend or family member as a gift.

A Workbench

Designing a workbench out of metal and then crafting it shows that youโ€™re getting better at welding. Since the design is relatively simple, all you need to worry about is the execution.

You can put your completed workbench in the garage or the basement. You can use it as the new centerpiece of your craft area.

A Weight Bench

Some people donโ€™t realize this, but a weight bench is a relatively simplistic design that you can create on your own once you master welding. Think how much fun it will be to pump some iron if youโ€™re doing it on a weight bench that you created. You can craft your body after creating your own workout equipment.

A Box for Spare Parts

You can make a simple box easily enough as a welder, and once you have it, you can keep all of your spare tools or parts in it. The box concept is just about as easy to design and execute as anything you can make with metal. If you crafted it correctly, you can probably get many years of use out of it as well.

Storage Racks

Creating storage racks out of metal is also not that much of a challenge for someone who has mastered welding or is becoming more adept at it. You can install your storage racks somewhere convenient, like a garage or workshop that adjoins your house. You might also put them in a pantry where you can store preserves on them.

A Plant Holder

Many individuals who get into welding as a method of DIY like creating plant holders out of metal that they can hang their plants on. You might get some perennials that you can display in your sunroom or on your porch.

Any of these welding projects can be fun as you raise your skill level.

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