One of the most effective methods of improving your brand’s online reputation is through social media marketing. With a variety of social media platforms and campaigns to take advantage of, you can definitely gain enough followings in no time at all. But running a social media marketing campaign is gonna take a lot of your time and effort. That is, if you don’t plan your posts ahead and automate your marketing. Even if you hire a social media manager, there’s still a lot of things to handle if you want to make the most of your online marketing campaign. Thinking about automating your social posts? Here are six ways for you to do it.

Use the Right Tools

More than just taking notes and planning your posts in advance, there are a number of tools you can take advantage of to make your social media marketing more efficient. Tools like HootSuite, Grum, Buffer, Post Planner, and other similar applications can help make it easy for you to schedule your social media posts and keep track of their performances.

Apart from scheduling posts, it is also important that you look for the right tools for strategizing and creating your content. Web-based tools such as Canva, Animoto, Quuu, Venngage, and more, can help you create various content using various media platforms. At the same time, you can also try to make use of one of the 10 best Instagram bots to automate interactions with your followers on Instagram. By implementing innovative solutions for your social media content creation, you can definitely save more time and effort.

Plan A Variety Of Messages For Each Newsfeed

Whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or all of the above, along with other social media portals, it is best that you have your social media posts scheduled in advance. Planning your posts ahead of time helps you save more time because instead of thinking about what to post on the spot, you can simply create a list of ideas all at once and then schedule everything that you have thought about.

Write For Each Network

If you are using a variety of social networks to gain followers and improve your online presence, then it can be tempting to just use the same content across all platforms. But each of these social networks have their own differences and unique aspects that you might not be taking advantage of if you just use a uniform format for content creation.

For example, Instagram specializes on the use of images and videos to promote or convey messages. They also use a uniform size across all the media that they host, so you should make sure that your images and videos adhere to the pixel limitations that Instagram has set (Especially the recommended dimension of an Instagram story). Another example is the way Twitter only allows a limited number of character count for each post. Sure, you can chop your article piece by piece just to be able to publish it on Twitter, but you have to think about how your audience might take it.

Schedule Content at the Right Times

Creating content is easy enough that you can do it anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection available. But scheduling them to be posted at the perfect time is another matter. You can easily schedule your posts anytime within a day, but how do you determine the best time to post it and be able to get as much interaction as possible? First, you need to understand that your social media posts have a short life span. Yes, it will be a part of the internet for as long as it exists, but your followers’ interest won’t be there for long.

In fact, according to a study made on the lifespan of tweets, it sits on an average of 18 minutes. While on Facebook, a post’s average lifespan is at 90 minutes. With so many people and brands competing for attention from their audiences, you get to actually see how crucial it is that you schedule your posts at the best time that’s possible.

But is there really a best time to post? Well, the answer to that question varies. The best time still depends on the usual active times of your followers and on when your posts usually get the most number of interactions. Most social media schedulers provide their users the ability to identify the optimal time for them to post. In fact, some schedulers can also automatically schedule posts for you, depending on the data it has analyzed as to when your followers will usually be online.

After your tweets have been scheduled and posted during the time your followers are mostly active you can level up your tweet scheduling and mark your best performing tweets as Evergreen tweets, which will allow Hypefury to occasionally retweet your highly engaging or classic content back onto your timeline.

Diversify Content Across Social Media Sites

When creating content for multiple sites, it might feel like the right thing to do is to create the same content for all. But eventually, that’s not going to work out to your advantage. Most probably, your followers are connected with you on more than one platform so you might want to do them the favor of not spamming their feeds with the very same content. You can try to play it around, considering that there is more than one way to create content, and that’s through video, image, or text, and you have the option to schedule and customize these posts so as to pique the interests of your followers.

Share The Perfect Amount On Each Network

If you want to maintain the number of followers that you have, or even gain more, share just the right amount of posts and updates with them. Reading too much of the same thing can be overwhelming and smothering. If you get too persistent with this style of social media marketing, people will eventually get tired of reading what you share and unfollow you.

With millions of people spending hours of their day on social media, it is definitely a great decision to make use of these platforms to promote your business or brand. No matter what your social media branding is about, whether it’s fashion, health, gaming, inspiration or just your typical everyday life, making the most out of your social media marketing campaign will definitely work wonders in terms of gaining a better online presence.

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