Pests are a constant nuisance in the lives of most of the homeowners around the world, and they all pose idiosyncratic health risks to human beings. We need to understand that different pests require different treatments, and while the gentle ones can be treated by gentle means, there are some ruthless ones like bed bugs that need more robust elimination methods.

We have discussed here six natural ways of getting rid of bed bugs because they are one of the most dangerous and most commonly occurring pests of the world.

1. Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent way of getting rid of bed bugs hiding in various nooks, corners, and crevices of your home. All you have to do is plug it in and place it on the infected and potentially infected areas in your home, and all your worries will be sucked away.

But, only vacuuming may not seal the deal, and it would be advisable to deploy most of the methods mentioned in this thread in tandem to get the best results. But, if you still fail to control the infestation, ask yourself the question, which is the best pest control company near me, and contact it promptly.

2. Using hot steam

Bed bugs are incapable of withstanding high temperatures, and therefore, it is a great idea to use hot steam to your advantage. You can use a steam mop to apply hot steam to the infected areas of your home, and you can also seal your infested beddings, pillowcases, and other washables in a plastic bag and wash them in a hot steam cycle.

3. Use the refrigerator

Like high temperature, bed bugs also get inactive and eventually die in incredibly low temperatures. Therefore, you can seal the infected items in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a good number of hours. As a result, the bed bugs will be frozen to death, and those infected items would become usable again.

4. Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is often used as a cosmetic product to cleanse your face and body, but you can also use it to eliminate bed bugs because of its fantastic insecticidal properties. You can put it to use by simply making a strong solution of tea tree oil with water, putting it in a spray bottle, and spraying its liberal amounts on the potentially infested areas.

This method is excellent for accessing those areas of your home, which are not easily accessible because the spray droplets can make their way into the tiniest and remotest spaces.

5. Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth powder is another fantastic natural way of getting rid of bed bugs. They kill bed bugs by dehydrating them because they destroy their outer protective membrane. They are not as quick-acting as some of the other methods, but it is often quoted as an advantage because the bed bugs transfer the powder to other bed bugs and result in more holistic elimination.

6. Use lavender oil

Using essential oils like lavender oil can also prove to be fruitful because it can be used to make a natural pesticide that can be sprayed all over the home. The best thing about it is that it is entirely safe and emanates a lovely aroma that is often not the case with synthetic pesticides like bug bombs.

It would be best if you act patiently with these natural means of eliminating bed bugs because you have to do the same method repeatedly over a few days to ensure complete elimination. Moreover, if you struggle to contain and eliminate the infestation, immediately contact the professionals before it is too late.

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