Mobile apps are an excellent way to handle social media marketing campaigns because of the convenience they offer. Mobile apps are a faster method in maintaining track and updating the social media pages even in the user’s absence. Trollishly supports brands in enhancing the efficiency and enables them to remain stable across various social media platforms.


Hootsuite is an excellent solution for every demand of the brands. It is a compatible application with nearly thirty-five social platforms, and the app’s directory offers several connections with an accessible database of extensions maintained by the users. The app consists of a full Scheduler for organizing posts at the chosen time. The user can use AutoSchedule features to schedule the updates at appropriate engagement times. The user can fill the queue in previous days, weeks, and even months or pre-plan the entire social media campaign’s duration. Once the user completes queuing, it is easy to preview the Planner’s outgoing posts, and with a simple drag and drop feature, the user can record the update schedule.

Analytics is the crucial aspect of Hootsuite. Though it is expensive, it helps in understanding the social results. It provides a vital insight with more than two hundred metrics to evaluate the performance. The user can export generated reports in PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and CSV files and use them within the organization. Hootsuite offers customizable feeds that allow the users to view the new followers, hashtags, engagement, search items, and many more. The organization’s team members can utilize Hootsuite’s content library to create modifications with free Stock photos and GIFs.

Zoho Social

It consists of all scheduling tools for the business and automatically aligns updates and posts them on all social networks. Zoho’s Social allows two members. The employees in the organization can manage the social media accounts without revealing essential passwords. The in-built messenger system and Collaborate tab makes it easy for the users to deal with social media ideas through email. The users can manage, plan and discuss things with their team in Zoho Social.

Zoho Social offers users a standard plan of fifteen dollars per month, allowing two team members to include another user with the additional ten-dollar. The tool restricts team members to particular social networks if invited or assigned various roles. In the “Home Page,” the user can view a Live Stream of people interacting with them online. If someone comments on the post, tweets at you, the user can see them instantly. The Monitor tab also enables the user with a customized dashboard to maintain the track of significant interactions that matters to them.


Hookle is a social media marketing app with a refined look and offers all key features essential to social media management. Hookle’s user-friendly dashboard, in-app guidance, and content Planner make it unique in the digital platforms. Hookle’s Planner assists while planning social postings each month. The tool is perfectly suitable for mobile users at an affordable price. Hooke is presently one of the best management apps that appears with a dark theme.

The tool supports publishing, scheduling, drafting, cross-posting, and post customization. The Splash score feature in the app reports the performance of all the social channels. The app has an in-built Hookle Academy that offers suggestions to become successful. All the app’s significant features are directly accessible with a finger’s swipe from a thoughtful dashboard.


Buffer is the best fit for larger businesses than smaller ones. Buffer has modular pricing that starts from fifteen dollars per month. The app offers a fourteen days free trial, and users can adopt a free plan after the trial ends. Buffer provides a considerable range of functionality, though most of them are limited to desktop versions. Buffer supports scheduling of Pinterest posts that is most advantageous for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The buffer consists of two crucial plans, Publish and Analyze. The mobile app supports users with Suggested Stories that is essential for every active social media manager. Buffer automatically recommended that the stories share with the audience, considering its interests and trends. Buffer integrates well with other apps, and users can see them on the homepage of applications such as Zapier, Social Bro, and Follower.


Everypost is a social media management tool that enables users to post on profound social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. By default, the app reduces the lengthy Twitter posts without making them appear irrelevant and incomplete. Everypost provides the option of selecting the desired network where the users wish to post the content instead of forcing them to all networks.

The app enables the users to customize the content based on the social media network they wish to post, and also, they can schedule posts at the appropriate time. The app easily navigates and offers incredible functionality that enables users to post content that doesn’t have to be limited to one hundred and forty characters. When the user opts for a paid service, Everypost allows them to post content on all the social media platforms at a time.


Wordswag enables users to create captivating pictures with text. It is similar to that of a meme generation site, but with enhanced images, appealing text layout, and user-friendly nature. Social media users love working with images. The app offers an incredible experience by combining images with texts. The app enables users to create visually captivating text layouts within a few clicks instead of spending hours on social media. The app offers sourced quotes where the user can find inspiration for their text overlays. The app is best suitable for quick shares where they can save plenty of time on social media. Wordswag transforms the words into attractive photo text designs that consist of a vast text editor with edit features like font styles, text style, text color, stickers, and more.

These apps help track posts’ performance and monitor the brand’s reputation across social media platforms. The applications are practical on smartphones and empower users to manage social media, thereby enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

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