An advertising agency can be called a tailor. Because a tailor collects clothes and gives the shape of perfection and then delivers the product. The job of advertising is the same as a tailorโ€™s work. An advertising agency alone doesnโ€™t have any job. They maintain a relationship with other organizations and promote them through various types of media. And finally, they ensure the correct promoting type and field.

Nowadays, maximum advertising agencies are working online as people are most active in the online platforms. So the advertising agencies are built by the corporation of a digital marketing company. They follow various strategies to attract the right clients which vary from task to task.

6 major functions of an advertising agency

Advertising agencies need to promote a company or increase sales of a product. These agencies are made of few expert people in digital marketing and SEO. They use their optimum skillo to promote the product. As an agency, they have to do some major functions while promoting any product or company.

Today I am going to discuss the major functions of an advertising agency. Letโ€™s have a view on it.

Client management

Client management and attracting clients are the most major functions of an advertising agency. Because the whole business depends on clients’ needs. So an advertising agency should have enough ability to attract clients through their advertising. Neither their advertising ability would go in vain.

After attracting any client the task of managing a client would come. The customer would order in the future if your first job meets the clientโ€™s satisfaction level. And these agencies sometimes offer many discounts to keep a good relationship with the customer.

Proper Research

Before launching any advertisement, so many things come to consideration. So it needs to research properly into some specific field. They are,

  • Targeted audience
  • Targeted audience platform
  • What type of speeches attract them
  • Is the AD suitable for the platform?
  • Competitors’ performance in the market
  • Market possibilities
  • The present situation in the market

Without proper research, the advertisement campaign wouldnโ€™t be successful. The agency firstly finds out this information through analysis and makes scope to make a market entry. A good agency always digs deep about the clients’ product or organization to make the most profitable outcome and highlight the specialty of the product or organization.


There is a valuable saying that planning is half preparation for war. And it is true in the business sector. The agency has to make proper planning according to the gathered information. The proper planning means,

  • Where to make the advertising?
  • When to launch it?
  • Who would be the targeted audience?
  • Which platform would be the most suitable?
  • How long will the advertisement run?
  • What kind of advertising would meet the product requirements?
  • Estimated cost for advertising

These are the mandatory planning procedures. An experienced advertising agency has also many other plans to make the project successful.

Executing the plan

Executing a plan is the next step of proper planning. At the time of executing the plan, a creative team is needed to draw the mainstream of the planning through copywriting, demonstrating, photographs, and slogan selection for the advertisement. They will create a visual advertisement. The advertisement agency must use new ideas to attract clients. Neither it has seen less attractive in previous days to use an old plan.

Non-advertising functions

The non-advertising function of an advertising agency is to fix the price of the product and correct the discount rate at a given range. The type of visualization the clients will get is also fixed by the advertisement agency. The non-advertising functions are performed by discussing with the client to have a clear view.

Marketing research and sales promotion

After launching the advertisement program the agency has to determine the present condition of the advertisement into the market and what kind of sales it is bringing. If it is not sufficient to bring enough sales. The agency would modify the advertisement to give a sales promotion to the product. This is also called boosting the product for better reach to the audience into the specific platform.


Nowadays we are passing through an era of science and technology. We all are engaged through social sites and other online platforms. So the advertisement agency has a paved door to apply their skill into the market as the market has been broadened by internet use. They can reach the targeted audience easily with their message. So advertisement agencies are playing a vital role in promoting products or organizations.

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