A new hire can be defined as an individual recruited by a company for employment. Simultaneously, attracting employees is important for the company to repute as well as to retain the job satisfaction of the workers. Companies are designing various swag boxes, sustainable gifts, and unique corporate gifts for the new employees to attract and retain them. Different companies are developing custom-made products, eco-friendly merchandise, fitness apparatuses, and apparel to welcome new hires. Huge firms develop various policies to attract new talents such as health insurance practices, bonuses, paid leaves and holidays, and retirement benefits.

Following are the 6 best ways to attract new hires:

1. Company swag:

A companyโ€™s swag is a term utilized for the promotional products of a firm. These products are usually branded and given to the clients, and workers for product marketing and driving sales. Brand recognition is also enhanced by the company swag products. The vendors also use the stuff for brand endorsement as giveaways. Swag products are just another form to market and advertise a company that can attract new talent and employees. Huge firms define a particular portion of their expenses to design personalized swag services that can attract new hires of the company. Companies also give the branded merchandise and unique corporate gifts to welcome new hires such as meals, water bottles, clothes, fitness gears, and power banks.

2. Swag boxes:

Companies can attract recruits with the help of personalized swag boxes. It is a custom-made box with a bunch of exciting products used to welcome new employees. These boxes contain plenty of products such as customized gloves, socks, mugs, cups, water bottles, drinkables such as coffee beans or tea leaves, chocolates, apparel such as hoodies, stickers, books, key chains, mobile covers, and power banks. These varieties of products help a lot to attract new hires. Branded products can be added into the boxes for marketing purposes and captivate new talent.

3. Sustainable gifts:

Sustainable gifts are the gifts that an employee desires or demands. The term sustainable is used for these gifts because of the long-term quality and its use in the future. These gifts help workers to reduce waste and develop an eco-friendly environment. These gifts nurture less use of plastic and non-recyclable products and thus saves Earth. These gifts showcase that the employers consider themselves responsible for environmental pollution, ecology, and bionomics. Providing these gifts shows love for the planet of the company and consequently helps in attracting new employees. It involves gifts made by recyclables such as paper and cardboard, and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Membership cards of gym and art galleries, event tickets, restaurant vouchers, and consumables can be added to the category of sustainable gifts. Various seeds and plants can also be given to new hires as sustainable gifts.

4. Healthcare insurance:

A complete state of mental, physical, and social well-being is a core necessity for humans. Observing a healthy lifestyle and periodic health status monitoring may prevent us from chronic illnesses. For this purpose, various companies have introduced healthcare facilities and insurances for their employees which attracts new hires as well. The companies design health care cards for their workers by which the company provides medical facilities and expenses. As a result, the existing employees get more satisfied by the job and more number of applicants are attracted towards the company. The companies pay for the hospital bills, medicines, and maternity leaves.

5. Performance bonus:

Performance bonuses tend workers to show loyalty towards the business, drive motivation, and healthy competition among them. Companies also provide bonuses if targets are reached on time. Various firms define the criteria of bonuses and explain it through social media podiums which attract new candidates. Also, recently hired employees to work harder to meet the requirements of bonus criteria which is ultimately profitable for the company. Companies also provide additional incentives to the employees yearly which attract new hires as well.

6. Retirement plans:

Many companies have a critically devised set of retirement benefits for the employees that helps to attract new hires and work for the long term. Retirement plans of companies promise a sufficient standard of living and financial security even after retirement. Monthly income and additional yearly wages are provided to the retired employees. Like bonus criteria, big companies express their retirement plans through social media services to attract a large number of applicants.

Attracting new individuals to a company is important because of their fresh knowledge, and acquisition. A higher number of applicants for a position provides an opportunity to select the most talented employee for the company. For this purpose, employers must develop strategies that make the new hires feel valued. Corporate gifts, sustainable gifts, and promotional goods not only attract and retain employees but also helps in branding and marketing purposes. Swag boxes are also used to welcome new hires of the teams. Health, education, and health insurance policies for the employees and their families attract more workers and inclines them to work with the company for a longer period. All these strategies drive enthusiasm and motivation in the employees and are ultimately beneficial for the organization.

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