You’ve probably found yourself on this page because you own an e-commerce business or because you’re interested in starting one. Maybe you’ve encountered a dead end and didn’t know how to progress further? Whatever the case, we’d love to welcome you to our website and article!

There are a few hidden tips that most people don’t know, but they could help you achieve your goals and dreams. Everyone runs into issues occasionally, especially when it comes to running a business, so it’s completely understandable that you’re looking for new ways to boost your business. It’s important that you remember how useful small tips can be. It’s a good idea to constantly replenish your business ideas with new ones that would break the monotony. Here are 6 awesome ways to boost your e-commerce business sales!

Promote your product on your homepage

Enabling your guests to see the product you want to sell on your homepage is a massive step in the right direction. If there’s something specific that you want to sell and show to the world, placing it on the homepage will increase the much-needed visibility. There’s a higher chance of exposure, higher chance of selling the item, and generally, you’d get a lot more customers. If you don’t do this, then your product might go unnoticed.

It’s also a good idea to allow your customers to immediately purchase a product they see on the homepage instead of having them visit the sales page. This is relatively easy to incorporate; all you need is a good coder that will take care of the whole thing, and you’re set!

Also, try to create a great marketing campaign for your product. Use content marketing to do this because you’ll show a lot more info to your customers and they’ll love you for it!

Offer multiple payments and delivery options

Not all of your customers will use the same payment option. Most prefer PayPal, but in recent years, the focus has shifted to other types of payment options. If you fail to provide enough different payment options, you’ll be facing low sales and unhappy customers. You should do your best to prepare as many payment options as you think is enough. Of course, you don’t need 15 different payment options; 4-6 are enough if they’re popular and loved.

Also, think about the delivery options. You might want to enable worldwide shipping, but this isn’t necessary at the start of your company’s existence. It’s a general rule of thumb that to cut costs at the start, you ship only to the country where you’re based. Once you start to expand and grow your company, you’d be smart to ship anywhere. Keep in mind that you should also provide quick shipping and regular shipping since some people will pay extra to get their purchased product sooner.

Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly

This is quite possibly the most important tip in this entire article. Failure to make your site mobile-friendly will most definitely end in disaster. When you start blogging, you don’t really pay attention to all the small details. If this is the route you took, then this tip is especially important. Your e-commerce website must be mobile-friendly because almost half of your customers will want to purchase your products through their phone.

E-commerce websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are frowned upon and avoided by people, simply because you can’t purchase what you want without getting a headache. Keep it simple and make it mobile!

Cross-sell your products and services

This is something that your customers will love! Cross-selling recently exploded in popularity and for a good reason. Say you want to sell some french fries. You offer a discounted price for a bigger portion but only if you purchase some ketchup with them as well. This is the concept of cross-selling: Combining multiple products or services to create a cheaper variant of what you want to sell. You can also combine a product and a service if it’s possible to do so. We highly recommend doing this because everyone loves discounts plus you’d sell more products this way and earn more money. You’ll gain the respect of your customers which will definitely boost your popularity and increase your sales and leads.

Ask for customer reviews

Customers can sometimes be… difficult. People aren’t too kind if a product doesn’t work as advertised or if they run into some issues, in some cases even if it was their own fault for breaking the product. However, customer reviews are paramount, even if there are some negative ones. You’ll be able to modify and perfect your products and services by listening to your customers. After all, your customers are the ones who will need your products which means that their opinion should be holy to you. Of course, you shouldn’t always listen to them (as mentioned before, people sometimes give negative reviews because of spite) but they’re a generally good source of information about what you’re selling.

Use social media platforms

Social media marketing is currently the favorite type of marketing. It’s incredibly easy to start and you’ll achieve great results almost every time if your marketing campaign is thought out well. Social media is great because everything is readily available for you, plus, people spend most of their time on social media. So fire up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anything else you come up with and market your products in a simple yet efficient way!

And hey: by using social media, your customers will feel more connected to you and your business, so that’s another benefit!

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