Some of the natural and moral duties of a son or daughter are to make their parents proud, respect them, and cherish them. After all, they love us unconditionally.

This pandemic has been a catalyst for change in the way we view our priorities to value what matters. Elderly parents, in particular, need special care and demand more attention than other age groups. The involvement of their children in their lives increases and have more time in their hands, which will create novel ways to interact with the family. If you are looking for ways to show your gratitude to your parents and WOW them, here are 5 ideas to surprise them.

# 1 Send them on an All Paid Vacation

An all-inclusive, all paid vacation is always a good idea. This will allow your parents to relax and rekindle their love. The sole act of being surprised and not having to pay will touch their hearts. Many elderly parents put their desires to the side because they needed to prioritize everything else but themselves.

When planning for this, try to listen for clues and bring up the conversation of a vacation to find out destination options and work with your mother for dates later. Maybe, after this trip, they will be inspired to travel more, if they can.

# 2 Family Photoshoot

Elderly parents delight in the growth and expansion of their love through new generations. A family photoshoot will give them a tangible memory of how fruitful their union has been.

Gather your siblings (if you have) and coordinate with a local photographer for this photoshoot. This is a simple and thoughtful way to show your parents that you want to continue to create memories with them, no matter their stage in life.

# 3 Plan a Karaoke Night with music from their era

This is a simple but yet bonding activity that will blow their mind. Having their children sing along with the hits of their era is invaluable and will show a willingness to learn more about them and who they were. You can get as creative as you want, some ideas to go the extra mile is to dress up as their favorite artist or band and decorate the room with a theme.

#4 Plan a surprise visit and cook momโ€™s favorite recipes

Elderly parents value quality time. Now, that their children have gained independence, their fear is to be forgotten. Show up to their house unannounced and prepare a special meal for them. Plan to share the activity with the rest of the siblings and distribute responsibilities to show team effort and help each other make it perfect.

#5 Plan to call your parents once a day

Parents are used to being busy all the time and worrying about their children. Many have created boundaries out of respect for the independence of their children, and at times it creates emotional distance.

A way to wow them is to call them to check in once a day. Even if it is to say hello, your parents will be surprised at this new routine. Listen to them and try to make them smile. Let each phone call be intentional.

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