Every time you post a tweet announcing that you’ve published a new video on YouTube, add a few hashtag topics (#topic) at the end, including a short, detailed preview of what people can expect and a direct link with that tweet. This will help you a lot to gain compassion.

Anyone searching for roses, gardens, flowers and plants or other likely things related to your genre using Twitter can quickly find your tweets and see links to your videos. You can then encourage people to tweet questions about gardening and answer those questions by directing them to your video. This applies to other creators of other genres too.

You can also perform your search on Twitter using keywords and search terms related to the content of the channel. You can view all tweets from other users that contain these terms. Then you can follow those people or buy youtube subscribers. This will prompt you to follow the Twitter feed.

1. Promote  YouTube Channels on  Twitter Accounts

Millions of people promote various social media profiles on Twitter. Taking advantage of popularity on Twitter is a great opportunity to expand your YouTube follower base. When you tweet, reply to a tweet, quote a tweet, etc., be sure to include a link to the YouTube channel in your reply.

You can always get more Twitter followers by saying “If you find this interesting, check out my YouTube channel”.  

Another useful tactic is to create a short YouTube video of the intro and upload it to your Twitter handle so people can get to know you better. As an influencer or brand, this is great. That’s because many people click on your intro and even access your YouTube channel.

2. Connect  YouTube to Twitter

If your YouTube channel isn’t connected to your Twitter account, you may have missed a lot of engagement. If you connect both accounts, you’ll be notified when someone appreciates your video and automatically tweets it. The notification will include the person’s account and can be contacted directly.

This allows you to connect with more viewers and find loyal viewers and subscribers and convert viewers into subscribers. It also helps you grow both your Twitter account and your YouTube channel at the same time. It’s easy to do by logging in to your YouTube account in Creator Studio.

You have just to select simply the option of “Connected Accounts” among many other options visible and thereafter you have to log in to your Twitter account. If you want to customize your tweets, you have the option to turn off automatic tweets.

3. Participate in conversations with  Twitter fans

Interacting with Twitter followers strengthens relationships and fosters loyalty. Post a tweet and ask your followers what they want to see in the next video. Start discussing specific issues or topics related to your video.

You can also ask your followers for feedback on previous videos. Twitter is a powerful video marketing tool and you need to get the most out of it. Follow the tips given here to promote your YouTube channel and raise awareness among Twitter users.

4. Subtly promote your channel on every occasion

Twitter, which applies, may be thought of as a place for users to discuss tweets, but if you’re also a YouTube content creator, the reply thread gives you the opportunity. Just as  SoundCloud musicians promote their songs in every comment section, posting a link to a YouTube channel or the latest video in the response section of the most popular tweets is for free marketing.

This is one of the best ways. By leaving a subtle plugin in the reply thread, you can take full advantage of Twitter’s virtualization capabilities and refocus on YouTube content. This will increase your chances of getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

5. Using Trend Hashtags

Everyone now knows how important hashtags are to be successful on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. If you’re trying to get your attention toย  YouTube video content, one of the most effective ways to do that is to find the right hashtag.

Of course, the hashtag originated from Twitter. So it’s one of the best places to start tagging your YouTube channel with the right hashtags.


If you want to strengthen your YouTube channel this year and increase your general social media engagement. You need to leverage Twitter and the existing viewers there.

There is no reason why you can’t integrate your Twitter account into your YouTube channel and push your Twitter viewers to YouTube if you apply the appropriate advice like the tips above. Follow and interact with the video content.

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