Technology is so deeply rooted in our lives and thanks to it, life has become much easier. Unfortunately, a lot of people have become slaves to it, which is something we don’t want for our kids. Most of our kids are already spending too much time on their devices that it becomes a struggle getting them off. Here are a few tips to help you disengage your child from technology:

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Participating in extracurricular activities is a great way for kids to stay busy throughout the day, thereby keeping their minds off tech devices. Luckily, there are plenty of school activities that you can encourage your child to participate in, including dance, swimming, gymnastics, sports, music, and much more. Other than keeping your child occupied, these activities can also give them the opportunity to explore new things, make them more outgoing, and help improve other life skills.

Install Software That Restricts Access

Technology can be a great educational tool, but you also don’t want them exposed to harmful content, ideas, and behaviors that exist online. Your child has access to the whole world and a simple click can lead them to some unwanted sites. For the young kids, you simply need to set parental controls and you’ll confine your devices to child-friendly content. The older ones know how to get around that; luckily, there are several blocking and filtering software that you can install in your devices to restrain them from accessing certain sites. This also ensures internet safety, considering the growing number of cyber crimes.

Give Them ‘Technology Time’ As Allowance

Parenting isn’t about shielding your child from technology, considering we live in a tech-driven world, but rather equipping them to use it properly. You want your kids to use technology effectively and to its fullest potential without the risk of addiction. Well, you can still give them some technology time as some form of reward for good behavior like letting them play some Alexa games after finishing their homework. That way, they get the knowledge together with whatever values you are trying to instill.

Let Them Get Out and Play

Most kids will reach for devices to relieve hours of boredom. Another great way to disengage them is to provide alternatives to staying indoors, and what better way than playing outside. Reintroduce them to your childhood games and encourage them to play outdoor games. This will keep them busy and active, which is beneficial to their overall health.

Be Involved

The more your child grows up, the more difficult it is to control what they do. Teenagers tend to be secretive and the best way to understand them more is to be involved in their lives. Get to know their friends, hobbies, passions, as well as, their favorite TV shows, games, etc. This allows you to provide a strong foundation where you can build a healthy relationship with them. That way, your kids will follow your rules and even be open about what’s going on in their lives. Remember that there’s no substitute for actually being there supervising your children directly.

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