Getting a good sleep is a crucial part of being a functioning member of society. A lack of sleep can have several drawbacks to your health and wellbeing such as memory issues, a lack of focus or concentration and can boost your risk for many diseases.

As a result, you should do all you can to get your 7-9 hours every night. Unfortunately, despite how important sleep is, many of us simply donโ€™t get enough. Whether it is due to insomnia or another issue altogether, some of us struggle getting (and staying) asleep.

In an effort to help, this blog post is going to go over five tips to sleep better.

Get a Better Mattress

The first key to a better sleep might be to get a better mattress. You spend about a third of your life on a mattress, so you need to ensure you find the right one for your needs. It should be comfortable, offer enough support, and be the right size.

In addition to comfort and support, there are also other things to look for in a mattress. For example, be sure to check here if you want to learn more about some of the best cooling mattresses. The better your mattress, the better your sleep.

Watch What You Eat and Drink Before Bed

While it might not seem important, what you eat and drink before bed can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Of course, you want to avoid drinking coffee or other things that include caffeine in them. This is because caffeine can boost your levels of alertness, which can make sleeping very challenging.

In addition to coffee and caffeine, there are other things you should avoid before bed. This includes spicy food, food that is incredibly heavy, and overly fatty foods. If you do decide to eat before bed, keep it fairly light and ensure it is something healthy and relatively easy to digest.

Take Time to Relax and Unwind in the Evening

Another great thing to do is to make sure to relax and unwind before bed. If you come right home from a busy day at work or the gym, you may find it hard to go right to sleep. This is because your body hasnโ€™t had a chance to relax and prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Take some time to develop a nightly routine that helps you wind down by doing things like reading a book, taking a bath, meditating or relaxing on the couch. Doing so can make it easier to fall asleep, and help you sleep through the night.

Consider Taking a Supplement

If making changes simply isnโ€™t working well enough, another option is to consider taking a sleep supplement. Popular options include melatonin, valerian, CBD and many others. They can help your body transition into sleep, and help you feel more relaxed. Of course, be sure to always know what you are taking, and consult with your doctor before taking a supplement of any kind.

Keep a Relatively Consistent Sleep Schedule

Something as simple as having a consistent sleep schedule can also help you to sleep better. Our body has a natural sleep/wake cycle, and the more in-tune you are with your body’s cycle, the better you will sleep. If you are constantly going to bed and waking up at different times, it can be very confusing for your body. It will struggle to know when it should be releasing hormones to help you sleep, and when the hormones should be trying to make you more alert.

These five tips should be able to help you get a better and more consistent sleep. Whether you do one, or all, you should see a noticeable change in your sleeping patterns and how well-rested you feel.

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