Real estate investment has become a big industry for entrepreneurs. As many people move into homes, having a chance to invest in building or renting such properties can build your bank account. To undertake these opportunities, you need funding.

There are many ways that you can get a loan. They range from visiting financial institutions for loans or finding private investors. Today we’re going to focus on five ways that you can go about doing just that.

1. Seek out a bank

When you are looking into securing an investment loan for a piece of investment property, visit a bank or other financial lender. These financial institutions are godsends for borrowers who are seeking to find raise some capital to invest in a new piece of real estate. A potential investor shouldn’t be deterred if they find an investment property but are low on money. One of the main parts of real estate investing is getting a loan. These can include a bridge loan, a hard money loan, or a conventional loan. With a financial lender, you have a great opportunity to receive the funding which you’ll need to invest in a new property.

Take the example of Northwest Private Lending ( This financial institution offers a wide selection of equity-based lending solutions which focus on every type of residential or commercial real estate investor. They provide opportunities for customers to purchase “cash only” listings or properties, in addition to specializing in bridge loans. They can walk you through discussions of mortgage payments, commercial loans, and property taxes. Seeking out the guidance and assistance of financial institutions which provide loan opportunities for your investment property is a great way to secure an investment property loan.

2. Make a large down payment

If you come to a mortgage lender or financial institution with a sizeable down payment, this can help you to receive a sizeable investment property loan. When you’re considering an investment property think about putting down a considerable down payment. When you show a potential lender for your investment property that you are bringing cash in hand, this is a good sign for them as a lender. It shows that you aren’t just willing to “take” without putting up some collateral yourself.

It’s a good idea to put at least 25 percent or better to secure an even better interest rate for your loan. You have more to lose with this aspect of real estate investing, which provides you with more incentive to make your investment property successful. A larger down payment also gives your bank or financial institution greater security against losing its investment. Making a large down payment is a great way to secure an investment property loan.

3. Build your credit

Your credit score can be a strong factor in the loan amount which you’ll receive for your investment property. If you have a low credit score, there’s a chance that a lender won’t take a big chance on you with the amount they lend you. With a higher credit score, your private lending options will be a bit larger, not requiring as large of a security deposit.

A higher credit score says to prospective backers lenders that they can afford to take a chance on you as a real estate investor. Consider taking the time to build your credit score to secure a decent investment property loan.

4. Think Creatively

There are other ways to find funding for real estate properties. You can do this while also going the traditional route of seeking out support for real estate investment opportunities. You can secure a down payment through a home equity line of credit, from credit cards, or even life insurance policies. These options are just another source of income that you can tap into for renovations of an investment property, or for building a piece of real estate from the ground up.

5. Reach out to private investors

Sometimes you’ll find private citizens will be willing to give you money for sound investments. These people are doing well financially, and want to invest their money in something which will grow over time. These real estate investors will be willing to provide you with the investment property loan if you can convince them that their investment will bear success in the future. Consider private investors when trying to secure a private investment loan.

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