The real estate industry attracts a lot of sectors, from governments to corporate investors, from organizations to individuals. It is known to be very dynamic.

Real estate photographers get paid a generous amount of money for their work since agents rely on the quality of the photo to impress their buyers.

If you are thinking of making real estate photography a full-time career, there are a couple of things that you should know before grabbing your camera.

The real estate photography business is competitive, so it is important that you are efficient in order to achieve long-term success.

The work of photographers, especially in the real estate industry, is not just limited to taking pictures of a house. It also involves house preparation, staging, timing, contract signing, and mastering several editing techniques to achieve high-quality photographs.

Below are some tips on how you can successfully create a career in real estate photography.

1. Select the Right Time

Knowing when the right time is to snap photos is very important. It is best to shoot during the golden hour. This can result in brighter pictures with more saturated colors. Before taking pictures, make sure that the sun is behind the house so you can get amazing lighting.

2. Use a Tripod

Attaching your camera to a tripod can ensure clear and sharp pictures. This is because it prevents camera movements from affecting the quality of the images.

Without a tripod, you will end up with blurry photos and will need to edit the pictures to remove the effects.

3. Choose a Full-Frame Camera

The key to a successful career in real estate photography is to select the best camera. The favorite among professional photographers is full-frame cameras because it has a cropped sensor that can still deliver amazing results even if there is not enough light that gets in.

You can also get a camera with interchangeable lenses so you can go through more options when taking pictures.

4. Get Wide-Angle Lenses

In order to take real estate photos to a professional level, it is crucial to pick a lens that does not have a fixed focal length. Real estate photographers move around the object and cover as much space as possible. With wide-angle lenses, they can enlarge the room and create a comfortable and inviting look.

5. Use an External Flash

According to the Center for REALTOR Development or CRD, listings with high-quality photos can sell 32% faster than listings with low-quality images.

To ensure that each photo showcases the house correctly, you can use an external flash. The built-in flashes on cameras are often too weak, and they often result in distortion or shadows.

External flashes add brightness to images, and it allows the viewer to focus on the details of photos because each angle is illuminated properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Preparations Should Be Done Before Taking Pictures of a House?

Before taking pictures, make sure that all the counters and sinks in the kitchen are clear and clean. All of the light bulbs must be replaced, especially if they arenโ€™t as bright as they used to be.

To allow more light in the house, you can open the windows. For the seller’s privacy, make sure that all personal photos and items are removed before the photoshoot.

What is the Price Range for Real Estate Pictures?

Real estate photographers are paid $110 to $300 per photoshoot, depending on the house that they will take pictures of. This price range is for photos only, videos are not included.


Real estate photography can be a good source of income. Consistency and high-quality photos are the keys to success in the industry. You can build an impressive and excellent portfolio for your clients by following the tips above.

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