Online gaming has been gauging popularity across Kiwis due to multitude reasons. Statistics prove that two-thirds of New Zealanders (NZ) play online games, i.e. about 67% of the total population. Whilst 9 out of 10 households have a device on which games are played. Across the globe, online gaming is winning the spot creating dramatic changes in statistics with the supportive avenues of online video games and online gambling. If you currently reside in the land of All Blacks and interested in trying out some luck over your trump, you may need to do a thorough search on casino reviews in NZ to learn how well to score in the winning field. Let us dive deep into the key norms to know about online video gaming in NZ, where the campaign revolves around the Powers of Games that includes connection, community, creativity, living well, education, and economics.

Time Spent & Benefit Perceived

On average 90 minutes are spent on gaming by Kiwis each day! Whilst the older generation spends almost 79 minutes and children 84 minutes. The majority of the parents believe schools must adopt video games for educational purposes to harness confidence, critical thinking, and strategy skills in a child. New Zealanders parents and play with children as a way to spend time together as a family.

Gender balanced Industry

Surprisingly half of the gaming population are girls and women in New Zealand. For a male dominant industry, this trait acts as a game-changer. Throughout 2011 the equivalent participation between male and female players have been continued. Studies also prove that on average in-depth play, casual play, and total play females spend more time on video games than male counterparts. Totally on average 106 minutes played by females whilst only 83 minutes spent by males.

Demographics of an Average Gamer

The average age of an NZ gamer is 34 years old. According to the Digital 2020 report, 42% of those aged 65 and above are highly addicted to online games and self-identify themselves as gamers. Almost 78% of players are above 18. Whilst gaming is more youngsters catch in other countries NZ is changing the level playing field by attracting a relatively older generation that is addicted to simulations and thrills. Outlined reasons are they use online video games as a mode for stress release, maintain social connections, and of course for fun! Youngsters play solemnly for fin while the older play to keep the mind active.

A Passive Income Generator for the Kiwis Economy

The total industry sales were recorded to be $548 million in NZ dollars in the year 2018 whilst digital sales contributed a majority of $405 million for the same. It is further expected to be a billion-dollar industry by 2024. Export earnings contributed about 96% for these earnings coming from Kiwi developers such as Ninja Kiwi, Grinding Gear games, RocketWerkz, Little Lost Fox, and PikPok. Predominantly the industry creates a massive number of jobs for game developers and designers. However, there is also an identified lack of senior experiences within the industry to nurture the juniors.

Tool for Training and Education enabler

Studies prove that 24% of New Zealand interactive studios have made apps and games for business clients and government institutes mainly to funnel their training programs with interactive training simulations. As per studies, one-third of adults have used games in their workplace designed to gain new knowledge or learn a new skill. The majority of the games developed to promote student creativity and STEM subjects thus popular games such as Minecraft, Assassinโ€™s Creed, and Civilization V are widely used across schools. 

Though the above facts and figures denote heavy addiction by Kiwis on online video games, in real terms it is not true. As they equivalently spend time on non-gaming leisure activities such as dining out, shopping, play with pets, and exercising. Also, other media activities such as watching TV, movies, listening to music are widely practiced. New Zealanders use Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch; the current generation consoles that power the AR and VR features to harness the simulation in video games. Kiwis also show growing interest over watching live streaming of games mainly to up-skill and adapt for their own gaming sessions and to get entertained throughout. Next time when you are in New Zealand over for a vacation be sure to spend some time to share in their gaming culture.

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