In the past, the human race made tools out of crude material such as bone, wood, and rocks. Eventually, fire was introduced, and from that point, everything changed. More sophisticated tools were forged. All it took was a spark of ingenuity with the help of fire.

Today, man has come a long way. From crude tools made out of wood and bone, we now have access to highly advanced tools. In the past, we used animals as a means of transportation. Today, animals are now riding with us in our cars, planes, and other vehicles. Technology has embedded itself in our lives. Without these essential advances, the life that we know today would hardly exist. 

Another thing that we should notice is the rate of improvements being done in the field of science and technology. Remember, it took man almost 2.6 million years to develop simple tools. Today, any tech you might have, such as a smartphone, tab, etc. can become outdated in a few months or even weeks. 

Technology is incredibly fast and is rapidly improving the ways we live. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most recent advances in technological innovations the world has seen.

The Internet

Technology isn’t limited to a physical device you can hold. In fact, technology is everywhere. One product of technology that we can’t see or hold is the Internet. The Internet is a global computer network that allows people from all over the world to connect with each other. However, you can do more than just “communicate” when you’re on the Internet.

The Internet is a place where you can buy food, order clothes, play games, watch movies, etc. Almost everything can be done when you’re online. Believe it or not, even wars are waged on the Internet. And we’re not talking about battles inside a game; we’re talking about a real conflict between countries or other opposing forces. Though this war is quiet and doesn’t use weapons of mass destruction, the outcome can be just as devastating.


Ai or Artificial Intelligence is an ever-evolving technology that can significantly benefit human beings when it comes to automation. AI is a programmable intelligence found in machines. Just like our natural intelligence, AI can learn and improve itself over time.

However, AI improves with blinding speeds. Capable of computing countless equations, AI can learn language, behaviors, etc. AI is now being used in commercial settings such as chatbots, where people can interact with a bot and chat with them about their queries.

Ai is even working with robotics in its applications. DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States has developed a self-driving car that uses AI and geo-mapping capabilities. It won’t be long when we get to see autonomous robots doing our jobs for us.


VR is another technological innovation that a lot of people will like. VR or Virtual Reality is a 3D simulation of an environment. People can interact with the objects in that simulation with special controls and triggers. There are various applications for VR. For one, VR can help simulate real estate properties for clients who can’t be physically present in a property. 

VR is also used for entertainment. Most notably, systems from Sony, such as the PSVR, are incorporating virtual reality into their games. Just by using a controller and headgear, you can play a game as if you really were in it. Due to the rapid advances in this field, it’s not far off that an analog watch can have VR capabilities.

Cloud Storage

One day, physical storage drives such as an HDD or SSD will eventually run out of space. That fear, however, has been alleviated with the creation of Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a recent innovation where users can store data and information without having to use a physical device. 

Cloud Storage works by storing data in logical pools rather than physical devices. These logical pools are then managed by hosting companies. Although it’s unlikely that Cloud storage will replace physical hard drives, the potential of this innovation has countless benefits. For one, it’s environmentally friendly as you won’t need to use raw material to create a physical device.

3D Printing

Another recent technological innovation, 3D printing, enables people to create almost anything just by programming blueprints into a 3D printer. 3D printers primarily use plastic to print out items as its cheaper. You can virtually create anything from this technology. 

Many people are already using 3D printers for manufacturing specific tools for special operations such as mining, drilling, and farming. Believe it or not, you can create toys and even guns from 3D printing. Since its inception, various improvements have been made to 3D printing. Some 3D printers can now use metal, ceramic, and other materials to produce any item.


We’ve certainly come a long way when it comes to innovations. In the past, we would use crude tools made out of stone. People would even enlist animals for help. Today, it’s not unusual to see adults driving cars and children playing with smartphones. 

One day, seeing autonomous robots and starting complex conversations with machines will be the norm. The innovations mentioned above are just a few gifts from technology that people should look forward to.

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