Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Show them who’s boss by getting them under control. Use these secret methods to calm your nerves before final exams.

Final exams are right around the corner and you’re understandably nervous.

It’s hard to blame you.

But don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Show them who’s boss by getting them under control. These five secret methods will calm your nerves before final exams.

The zen is on the way. 

1. Make Sure You Study Well

It’s time to brush up on your study skills and use them to your advantage.

This may seem like the obvious answer to an upcoming test, but it’s extremely important to use your time wisely. 

Start Preparing Early

Create a study schedule and give yourself ample time to prepare.

You want to make sure you have plenty of time to review the material without needing to pull an all-nighter to cram. You don’t want to burn yourself out right before the test.

Find a Quiet Place to Study

Distractions are your worst enemy when it comes to studying. While you’re going over your notes, it’s best to be as focused as possible.

Silence your cell phone when you get the books out.

Don’t Go Overboard

Make sure you incorporate breaks into your study sessions. Taking a breather is crucial for keeping your mind fresh.

A little snack break never hurt anyone.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The night before your exam, get at least six hours of sleep.

All that studying won’t do you any good if your brain has turned to mush. Sleep is essential to soothing your nerves and keeping your anxiety at bay.

Sleep also improves your memory, which will help you recall vital information.

When you’re groggy, you won’t be able to remember what you studied, even if you spent hours and hours going over it. Taking the night off to rest is a much better idea.

Wake Up Early the Day Before the Exam

When it’s time to go to sleep, you’ll be tired enough to pass right out. Avoid drinking a lot of caffeine, energy drinks, or alcohol throughout the day.

Also, getting up early means you can study earlier in the day. 

Don’t leave your studying until right before bedtime. You need time to unwind before you go to sleep so your mind won’t keep you awake,

Taking the time to relax before bedtime will improve your quality of sleep.

Set a bedtime for yourself and don’t stray from it. Use the last hour or so before bed to do something that eases the tension brought on by exams.

Go for a walk. Take a shower. Read a book.

Whatever it is that relaxes you most is the best way to go.

3. Stretch and Exercise Your Muscles

When your muscles are tense, the stress on your mind and body only gets worse.

Calm your nerves by taking the time to pay attention to your physical and mental well-being

Exercise and stretching both release endorphins, which are a natural stress reliever.

Get up from your chair and do a few simple stretches to relieve your anxiety.

A five-minute break will do your mind and your nerves a world of good and refresh you for the next round of studying. Your glutes will be better for it, too.

Exercising is another great way to relieve stress. Low-impact exercises like swimming, walking, jogging, and yoga are all good for calming your nerves.

Incorporate stretches and exercises into your study breaks for double the relief!

4. Practice a Bit of Self-Care

When all you focus on is your upcoming final exams, you’re sure to fray your nerves. It’s just as important to focus on yourself during such a stressful time.

Take the time to do something just for you leading up to your final exams.

A nice warm bath not only relaxes you, but it can also actively lower your stress levels. Soaking in a tub with Epsom salt promotes calm feelings by making you feel lighter in the water.

Some essential oils are known to reduce anxiety. Just make sure you research how to use essential oils properly first.

Finally, just remind yourself that you’re doing your very best.

Get out of your room and away from your books for a while. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, like a favorite snack or a call with a friend.

Nothing relaxes you quite like doing something you love.

5. Be Mindful and Breathe

Keep your mind on the positive.

Remind yourself that these tests aren’t the end of the world. You’re doing everything you can to prepare for and pass your final exams, and that’s what really matters.

Repeat positive affirmations as often as necessary to soothe your nerves. Saying things like, “I have done my best. Feeling this way is normal,” and “I will remain calm and confident. I will do well,” can put you in a positive headspace before the test.

Meditation can serve the same purpose by getting your mind away from your studies for a while and helping you relax.

Be mindful of your posture while you review your notes. Sitting up straight allows your lungs more room to expand so you can take full breaths. Poor posture and poor breathing will only increase your anxiety levels.

If you need more of a break, try focusing exclusively on your breathing.

Breathing exercises help balance out your oxygen level and keep you calm, unlike short, shallow breaths that actually make your nerves worse.

In Conclusion

Feeling calm yet?

Being nervous is your worst enemy when it comes to taking tests. It messes with your ability to remember things and puts even more pressure on you on the day of the exam.

But you can take care of that with these five secret methods.

Come test time, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

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