“What do I want to be when I grow older?” is a question we have all asked ourselves since we began to understand the basic concept of life. With age, our choices in what we want our careers to look like in the next few years or so, in most cases, are comparatively different to our childhood ambitions. With all the new possibilities the education field has to offer in the present world, careers in the HRM field are slowly starting to lose its importance.

One of the main reasons to this would be due to the lack of understanding people have about the field of Human Resources. We fail to understand that it is no longer just an administrative function in a business organization but has transformed into a career with multiple opportunities. One does not necessarily have to achieve diplomas and degrees in the subject of Human Resources. However, having a qualification of such can only work in your favor. 

To understand better, HRM better understood as Human Resource Management is the department of a business organization that revolves around its employees and their functions in order to develop the company. Some common roles of an individual employed in Human Resources would be as follows – 

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Talent development
  • Training
  • Compensation
  • Interviewing and so on.

If you are indecisive about your career path, keep reading for five reasons why you should consider growing in the field of Human Resource Management. After all, the Human Resource department plays a fundamental role in any company.

1) Working from a position of Influence

Before a job candidate has the opportunity of joining an organization there are quite a few interviews or screening processes the individual has to undergo. The entire process, starting off with filtering out the CV’s begins in the Human Resource department. This gives an insight to the importance of Human Resource Management in the world of business. As someone working in Human Resource Management, you are put in a position to decide the right fit for the business organization you are employed at.

In most companies, the code of conduct, ethics, policies and etc. are under the governance of the Human Resource Management department. This gives the employer the opportunity to ensure that everything is under control in the organization. A professional Human Resource department has the power in making their organization a top appealing choice among job seekers, customers and other stakeholders etc. Working in the Human Resource field will also help you professionally develop other individuals. Carrying out performance appraisals will help individuals improve resulting in a better working environment. The same applies in the circumstances of exit interviews.

2) The chance to work with people

If you work in the Finance department, you are most likely to only socialize with employees from the department itself. In certain instances, you will have to converse or work with a few individuals outside the designated department. However, working for Human Resources would mean constantly meeting and networking with all kinds of employees and individuals. This makes it understandable that the Human Resource division is the hub of any business organization.

A career in Human Resource Management helps you build networks and meet individuals from all walks of life. It helps you develop your people skills and become more sociable and professional. Working in the Human Resource department also means that you are responsible for the cohesiveness of the organization.

3) The promise of Job Security

Any business organization requires a Human Resource unit to function despite the scale of the organization. That being said, pursuing a career in this field would mean that there will always be a job opening around. Organizations will constantly need recruiters, counselors, mediators, policy initiators, decision makers and other Human Resource personnel.

While there is a rapid development in technology resulting in newer updated software that could minimize job opportunities in other fields, Human Resource Management is a job role that is able to withstand any such development ensuring job security as mentioned above. Working in Human Resources means that individuals require skills that technology cannot comprehend with such as basic understanding of the work culture.

4) A new challenge everyday

While most 9-5 jobs are repetitive, the role of an Human Resource personnel is not. While some days your job role will be to show the rookie how things are done in the workplace, on other days you might have to implement new policies that fit updated government laws and regulations. It is a constant battle of new challenges that will keep you on your toes. This is not only a mechanism to stay interested in your job role, but it will also contribute in gaining exposure and learning new things. This will guarantee individuals pursuing careers in Human Resource Management, continuous excitement.

5) Ability to problem solve

As an employer in the Human Resource division, it is in your job description to address a problem and find a suitable solution that will benefit the company and employee. In the instance of a harassment or discrimination case, Human Resource personnel will be the front line mediator for the conflict situation. Such circumstances give the Human Resource department the ability to do what is right for the individual without harming the reputation of the company. Through these problem-solving skills, the Human Resource unit has the opportunity to sort out company-related issues before they become harder to handle.

That being said, a career in Human Resource Management comes with a lot of responsibility. These are some of the main reasons as to why Human Resource Management can be considered a rewarding career. There are obviously many more perks to studying and working in this field. Some of them being salary benefits, a stress-free job role and etc. If you are a people person and have the passion for working with various individuals it is safe to say that Human Resource Management is definitely your ideal choice of career.

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